People I can’t stand; circa 2008.

I wrote this in 2008, and just stumbled across it again. I find it relevant still.

to whom it may concern.
[the new breed of people i’m beginning to see EVERYWHERE]

your ‘political’ persona is such bullshit.
you’re not retro.
your ideals are nothing new.
you think you’re so radical,
but you’re JUST like every
other person out there that’s 
trying so hard to be so
breathtakingly different.

the more you try to paint 
yourself in the colors of 
unique-ness, the more
you blend in with the 
rest of the general population
on the big white fucking canvas
that is this globe.

you pride yourself on being
‘new age’ and uber-trendy,
but it really just makes 
us all fucking sick to our 
the day you can
wake up in the morning and 
NOT feel like you have to 
‘stick it to the man’ or fight
against the political machine,
is the day people are going 
to actually take you seriously.

we’re not fucking stupid.

we’re actually a lot smarter 
than you are.
we can see 
the facade you hide yourself
behind every single day.

you’re nothing more than a 
little kid, who’s positively
terrified of the person he/she’s 
destined to become.

your ‘i don’t give a fuck what
people think’ attitude is the 
biggest giveaway of how 
insecure and doubtful 
you are of yourself.
stop being
this monster you’ve become,
and have fun again.

you are NOT as bad ass as you imagine.
cut it the fuck out.


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