Day 5: something you would change about the world.

I really wish people would take a moment out of their day to step back from themselves and take a look at the way they treat people. I mean, right now. Take a moment to imagine standing face to face with someone close to you.. Are you being the best version of yourself that you can be to that person? Are you treating them with fairness and respect? Are you telling them you love them, and do your actions back that up?  And now that you’re done answering ‘yes’ to all these questions to make yourself feel better, cross that line and turn around to look at yourself from their eyes. How do the things you say to this person and the actions to take ACTUALLY affect them? How do YOU make them feel? Do they FEEL loved? Do they FEEL like you treat them fairly and with respect? In the end, would you want to be in this personal relationship with you? Try to do this with all of the important relationships in your life, and see what kind of answers you get.

We’re all guilty of taking people for granted, it’s human nature to slip up. The important lesson here is to try to be aware of when we do, and to try to mend the situation. We have to realize that life is way too short to be taking our loved ones for granted. If, goodness forbid, something happened to one of your friends or family members, what will have been the last thing you said to them? We need to trust people more. Be selfish less. Be careful about what we say behind backs and who we say these things to. Take other’s feelings into consideration. We really just need to be more aware of the way we treat others and how our actions affect them.

I think if we could all take the time to consider others more, it WOULD change the world.


What do YOU think??

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