My high school sweetheart.

For me, the first day of school always brought so much excitement. New classes and teachers, new friends, new clothes, new activities… And finding out what cute boys were going to be in all of those new classes. Senior year was no different. I walked into my fourth block Government class and sat down among a small class of approximately 15 people, and it didn’t take long to spot the most handsome boy Kempsville had to offer shying away in the back of the room. He had these blue eyes that couldn’t be described as anything other than striking, and just the most adorable smile I had ever seen.


Senior year was extremely liberating for me. I was in my fourth year of being an athletic trainer for all the sports teams, I was in orchestra AND Madrigals, and while I wasn’t considered popular by the kids who WERE considered popular, I FELT like I was on top of the world and in charge of the school. I felt like I could do anything. So one day after school when I was on my way out to my car I saw this boy, who had been introduced to me as Dennis, waiting for a ride. I offered him a ride home and he accepted. It quickly became routine for me to drive him home and I was addicted to spending time with him. Shortly after my 18th birthday, he informed me through a text message that he was going to ask me out the next day. He did as promised, and on October 19th, we were officially a couple.

We spent our time together hanging out after school, going up to Mt. Trashmore and looking down over the town, and doing the typical 18 year old things to do. Our first kiss happened while watching a movie at my house, to this day he still gives me hell about the fact that I kissed him first! I always tell him that he was taking way too long, and just looked way too cute and that I couldn’t resist! We had a great time and became the best of friends.

Never having been in a relationship that lasted for a substantial amount of time before, January brought restlessness and selfishness. In one awful decision making moment, I ended our relationship. Throughout the rest of the school year we hung out on and off, and had our fair share of drama that comes with all high school relationships. I wouldn’t sit by him in class anymore, got insanely jealous every time he dated another girl, and caused all around discomfort for everyone else in the class including our teacher. She had had about enough of our mess by this point, but looking back on it now, the whole thing is kind of hilarious. She joked us incessantly and rolled her eyes every time we told her we had gotten back together or had broken up again. Ah, high school!

We spent the summer doing our own things, and I went off to school an hour and a half away in Richmond that fall. The fall must have been our season because we were back together in no time, with him driving up to visit me every weekend he could. We broke up again before Thanksgiving even rolled around, and we seemingly had moved on. After the dust of our heartbreaks settled in, we became friends again, always keeping in touch. We both dated other people over the next years, but would always check in with each other. In 2007 he moved back to Louisiana where he had grown up, and we’d make a point to see each other every time he came into town. For a very long time, he was the proverbial ‘one who got away’, and I thought about him often.

Enter Spring 2010. He comes back to Virginia Beach for a visit and we can’t stay away from each other. After many long conversations, we decide that we had never really given up on each other and that we wanted to give it another go. June 2010 we made it official, again, and the fun began! I went to visit him in Louisiana in August and we found ourselves falling in love all over again. In a moment defying all logic and following only my heart, I dropped everything and moved to Louisiana in September. We had an an apartment together and had the greatest time living with each other. We had little fights just like any other couple did, but we were strong. We still are. After 15 months of living in Louisiana, I moved back home to Virginia. He still lives in Louisiana but is working on getting back up here as soon as he can. He’s on vacation here in town and it has been nothing short of awesome having him with me again after almost a month of being apart!

He is quite obviously a very handsome man. Standing tall at 6’3 he’s a full 5 inches taller than my own statuesque 5’10, which is perfect for a girl who’s always been self conscious of her height. He’s got ocean blue eyes and eyelashes any girl would envy! He has a smile that melts my heart, but he’s also so much more than just a pretty face. He’s a hardworker, and he only wants the best for me. He’s got a huge heart, so kind and generous. He’s a big family man, and can crack me up with just a funny face.  We’ve been together for more than a year and a half this time around, and this is just the beginning. We’ve got so much more to conquer together, so many dreams to be lived and so many things to do.

Dennis Paul Forsong Jr, affectionately known as PJ, makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and I am so grateful that he is the one I get to wake up next to (when we’re in the same state!!!). I love you honey, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives will bring.

Forever and ever 🙂


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