Day 8: things that make you sad.

I’ll tell you what makes me sad. People bitching and griping to me about people we both know and not telling the person they’re bitching and griping about WHY they’re bitching and griping. Don’t sit here and tell me how aggravating certain people are, and then act like nothing’s wrong when that person walks in the room. Whatever happened to HONESTY? Just TELL the person how you’re feeling!!! Here’s a hint; If I don’t respond to your complaints, or I flat out change the subject, then I want nothing to do with your bashing. Not only are you being two-faced, but you’re making me extremely uncomfortable. Your issues with anyone else are none of my business, please leave me OUT OF IT, and take your personal grievances up with the other person.


People mistreating animals makes me sad. Please do everyone a favor, and don’t go out and buy a pet if it’s not going to be your pet. If your plan is to leave it outside to be your back porch lawn ornament, leave the dog at the damn shelter for someone who wants to take care of it. Animals will shit and pee in the house unless you take the few months it requires to train it. Do you shove your child’s nose in it’s own shit to potty-train it? No. You don’t. Animals are brought into the home to become members of your family, and they’re just like children… You have to treat them with love and respect to get it in return, and you have to train them and put them on a routine. These animals trust you and they expect you to love them and feed them and keep them safe and warm. I don’t know why ANYONE would get a pet just to leave it outside all the time. I think it’s mean, careless, and I consider it neglect. I’m not saying you’re a bad person, but if you do any of these things, maybe you should reconsider getting a pet.

How many registered sex offenders there are. Have you ever been to ? It’s fucking disgusting. Put in your address and BAM. 17 sex offenders on your street alone. We just found out that a guy on our street has been charged with possession of child pornography. Other convictions in our neighborhood include rape, aggravated sexual battery, carnal knowledge of a child between the ages of 13-15, taking indecent liberties with children, etc. SERIOUSLY? I strongly encourage you to put your address in on that website and educate yourselves about the sex offenders in your area. I’m so disgusted by the sheer number of them. If you’ve never used this website before, nothing can prepare you for the shock of seeing all the little colorful boxes littering the screen with shame. How hard is it to, I don’t know, NOT have sex with a child? People disgust me.

Maybe these weren’t so much things that make me sad as they were things that piss me the hell off, but hey… At least I’ve finally written something that relates to the name of my blog! I AM annoyed.


What do YOU think??

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