Day 9: things that make you happy.

I’m watching Friends right now, and it’s cracking me up. I have literally seen every single episode of this show, and I could watch it over and over again. Now THIS makes me happy.

In the world we live in today, where we do a lot of focusing on the glass being half empty, all the bad things that happen to us, and keep blogs called ‘I’m Getting Annoyed’, it’s nice to take a break and think about the things that make you happy.

My nephew Ollie makes me pretty damn happy.

My boyfriend, PJ.

Being back in Virginia.

Snicker’s with Almonds.

White Zinfandel Moscato Riesling Sweet Red Wine.


My secret weapon jeans.

My brown calf-high boots with all the buckles.

When people read my blog.

When my mom tells me she likes what I write.

When my 13 year old dog lets me pet her for more than 25 seconds.

The fact that the cartoon ‘Doug’ is on, literally, RIGHT NOW.

Third Eye Blind.

That Ollie calls me Keilei. (kee-lay)

That Ollie’s middle name is Kyle!

Working on my Blazer with my Dad.

When my dad lets PJ drive his truck. (BIG. DEAL.)

Pounding an order of nachos from Kelly’s with my sister.


Pretty makeup.

Being told I look nice.

Feeling confidant.

How I feel when I’m done working out.

Going on dates.


The beach.


Pretty colors.

Shiny things.

Peppermint mocha.

Being in luuuuuurv.

Today, think about what makes you happy.


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