Day 10: what you think when you hear the words “be yourself”?

Stop. Close my eyes, deep breath, focus, step forward.

Being yourself is fucking harddddd mannnn!

I think that even the most confident of the confident have issues with this sometimes. I mean, I’m pretty damn confident. I have a few flaws that I focus on all the time, but for the most part I think that I’m a really good friend, I think I’m a great daughter and sister, and I think I’m a pretty badass girlfriend. But as comfortable as I am with myself, I still have those moments where I’m wondering what people actually think of me. I have a pretty loud and honest mouth, and I think I’ve kind of taken on that role as the one who’s always going to tell you like it is, even at the risk of maybe hurting a few feelings… And for the most part I’ve always been praised for this quality, people tend to want the truth more than they want things sugarcoated. But then I have to wonder, do I actually just annoy the piss out of people with my blunt honesty? Should I back off with all that? What about my big obnoxious laugh? Should I try to smother that a little so it’s not so boisterous?

There are a million things you can question yourself about, but I guess the point of ‘being yourself’ is not giving a rat’s ass what other people are going to think about it. As long as YOU’RE comfortable with the way you act and the things you do, then who gives a shit, right?

Right. We all know it’s easier said than done.


What do YOU think??

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