You know what really creams my corn?

Righteous ass non-smokers.

First of all, congratulations for not smoking. Yes, in this day and age, it’s sooooo impressive that you haven’t given in to peer pressure and you’ve avoided cigarettes. Way to go, your gold star is in the mail. Secondly, if you HAD ever been addicted to smoking, you’d know that AS smokers, we know what we smell like. We know what the health risks are, we know what it does to our teeth and our lungs and our clothes and our nails. We DON’T need your righteous ass to point it out. The thing about addiction is, it’s a motherfucker. It’s not always as easy as just NOT  doing it.

I keep saying ‘we’, when the truth is I quit smoking back in September. Yes, I’ve had a cigarette every once in a while since then, but I’m not perfect. And yes, I feel better, I’m definitely benefiting from not spending that $5 every day and I sure as hell smell better… But you also don’t see me calling out everyone I know who DOES still smoke. Like, how fucking rude can you be? It’s not even about the cigarettes, it’s about being completely insensitive to addiction and what a BITCH it is. We’re SO happy for you that you never decided to smoke a cigarette and jump on the nicotrain with us, but never having smoked does not make you a better person than us.

The only thing more annoying than smelling like a smoker is listening to a non-smoker bitch and moan about a smoker.

I know you think it’s gross and smelly and disgusting… But here’s a newsflash for you. So do we. And I can only speak for the smokers I know, but I’m pretty sure all of them wish they could go back in time and never have started in the first place. And if quitting were as easy as talking shit, they’d have done it by now. It’s not easy for everyone to quit, so how about having some compassion, and quit your nagging. People will quit when they’re ready to quit, and frankly it’s none of your business.



2 thoughts on “You know what really creams my corn?

    • kylethegirl says:

      Haha I don’t smoke anymore and I’m definitely more obnoxious about being a non smoker now than ever before, but sometimes I have to remind myself that addictions are addictions and that there’s not a smoker on the planet that doesn’t know it’s bad for them. They don’t need reminders!

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