Day 15: a song that makes you cry and why.

I am such a huge crybaby. On a normal day when I’ve had plenty of rest and there’s nothing out of the ordinary going on, a sweet moment on a TV show or an SPCA commercial can make me cry. Then you talk about a day like today; I was hugely hungover, exhausted, and fresh from sending boyfriend back off to Louisiana so my head was in a few places… I watched the first Sex and the City movie this afternoon, a movie where I usually cry once; when Big bails on the wedding and Carrie assaults him with a bouquet in her couture wedding gown in the middle of the street. TODAY’S viewing however, cued tears at least like eleven times. And I’m so not even kidding. I don’t know WHAT happened! I was a basket case throughout Carrie’s meltdown in the street, but all the little nothing scenes were getting me too. Every time one of Carrie’s friends did something sweet to show their support, tears. Carrie gave Jennifer Hudson a designer purse for Christmas, tears. It was a mess.

Music is no different. Depends on what’s going on in the day that determines how much I’m going to cry. One that pretty much always gets me is Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take The Wheel, and that’s because I picture my sister driving a car with my nephew in the back. Awful. Taylor Swift’s song about her mom gets me every time. Just makes me think about how much I love my mom and my dad, and appreciate how much they’ve done and continue to do for me every day. Keep You, by Sugarland will often make me cry. It’s about having lost a love, but being able to appreciate a new love. I don’t relate it to myself when I listen to it, it holds a different meaning for me but it’s just as emotional as if I did tie it to my life. OH. OH OH OH. Mallary Hope; Love Lives On and Pink’s Who Knew. Love Lives On is about a woman who loses the man she loves and raising their daughter in his memory. SOB. FEST. Pink’s song is about the unexpected loss we experience with a tragedy, and how sometimes you’re just blindsided. I don’t often make it through that song with out choking up.

I’m such a ridiculously emotional person, and I absolutely love songs and movies that make me cry. I’m always wanting to share my new favorite songs with my mom or my sister, and my mom always has something to say about my sappy taste in music. Whereas she would rather avoid the latest tearjerker in theaters and to NOT listen to the songs I love that make me cry, I might even want them enough for the both of us. I can’t explain it, the only thing I can think is that I just like to feel. Feel anything really. Sadness is the easiest emotion to conjure and the easiest to be reversed so it’s nothing for me to turn on the iPhone, pull up one of my favorite tear-tunes, sob one out and then be done with it.

I guess it sounds crazy, but whatever. That’s just the way it is. 🙂


What do YOU think??

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