Casey Anthony trial.

The name of my blog, I’m Getting Annoyed, happened by way of an accident really. I was creating my page here on and the site wanted me to decide on the blog’s URL. The whateverwhateverDOTwordpressDOTcom. I must have sat at this computer for a half an hour just trying to find something that spoke to me. I tried every form of KyleTheGirl (which is what I wanted) I could possibly come up with and nothing I thought of was available. Getting extremely annoyed, I typed in; imgettingannoyed and WordPress was like, is available! So that’s how it came to be. Which I thought would be fitting, seeing as how I get massively annoyed at a lot of people and events and happenings in the world and that it would give me a good launching pad for my rants. I’ve found that I focus more on my 365 day challenge than I do writing about the things that really get under my skin though. I have plenty of moments throughout every day where something pisses me off to the point where I want to vent about it, but when I’m finally sitting in front of this screen, it’s like I don’t trust myself to be able to accurately depict how I’m feeling. It’s a weird place for me to be in, to have this strong urge to be pissy and rude and then kind of be paralyzed by it at the same time. I’m going to try to be better at getting the true feelings out here, try to be better at putting them into words. I do plan to change the URL of my blog at some point, I don’t think ‘imgettingannoyed’ fits too well. But it works for now.

Anyways, the reason I’m on right now, is I’m watching this show… ‘Dr. G, Medical Examiner; Inside the Caylee Anthony Case.’ Dr. G was the medical examiner who was in charge of Caylee Anthony’s autopsy and was basically the star witness of the whole Casey Anthony trial. I’m watching this show right now and I’m getting re-pissed off. I don’t care that Casey Anthony’s fingerprints were not found on the child’s dead body or that there was nothing that SCREAMED ‘Casey Anthony is guilty,’ but shit seems pretty clear to me. As far as I can tell, Casey Anthony is guilty as sin. Everything piece of evidence they HAVE points towards her and I swear if I hear that it was all just ‘circumstantial,’ I’m going to shit a brick. Circumstantial my ass, they only say circumstantial because it’s not 100% proof… BUT ISN’T IT??

I’m already getting really worked up and it’s impairing my ability to type concrete thoughts here, so let me try to calm down. Casey was acquitted of murder, and fine. I GUESS if I had to admit something I hated about this case, it’s that FINE. There was in fact nothing that brought the hammer down and proved with 100% certainty that Casey did it… But how about that she was acquitted of aggravated child neglect and abuse? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? Her daughter was missing for 31 days before anyone called the authorities, AND IT WASN’T EVEN HER THAT CALLED. HER MOTHER CALLED. And did you HEAR that 911 tape? Cindy Anthony is FLIPPING out, her granddaughter has been missing for 31 days, and oh by the way, the next thing she can think of to say is that her daughter’s car smells like a dead body. Good information to have. George Anthony used to be in law enforcement, and have 100% confidence in his abilities to differentiate the smell of a dead body from the smell of a bag of garbage.  So Cindy Anthony reports her granddaughter missing, and then Casey gets on the phone and is like, ‘Yeah I was trying to use other resources to find her, that was stupid, ho hum ho hum blah blah blah.’ Like, she sounds fine. Even if she WAS ‘using other resources’ (which I doubt), how many resources does a 21 year old woman have at her disposal that would assist her in finding her toddler that’s been missing? A month’s worth? No bitch. Don’t even get me started on all the photos that turned up of her partying while she was ‘looking’ for Caylee. The earliest picture I saw was dated for 5 days after Caylee went missing, and Casey looks like she is just having the time of her life. What is WRONG with you? No sane person I have EVER met would be having that much fun if her child had been missing for 5 days. Her behavior was disgusting, and if not reporting your child missing for a full month is not child neglect, I don’t know what the fuck is.

The air in Casey’s trunk was tested and came back with high levels of chloroform. BECAUSE THAT’S NATURAL. A hair was found in the trunk that had characteristics specific to decomposition at the root. Things like this are what piss me off about this trial, it might not be fingerprints, but it’s pretty damn close.  This little girl was obviously murdered, we know that her death was not an accident. No blunt force trauma to the head, but duct tape over her mouth, I mean. The argument is not whether or not she was murdered. It’s who did it. It’s so frustrating, Casey lied to law enforcement multiple times. She made up the kidnapping nanny story. SOMEONE in that house performed internet searches on HOW TO MAKE chloroform THREE months before Caylee went missing. There were very high levels of chloroform found in her trunk. Along with the hair from Caylee’s decomposing body. She didn’t think to tell ANYONE her kid was missing for over a month. How about when this whole thing goes to trial three years after the death and NOW the defense decides to say that Caylee had actually drowned and that Casey and her parents just tried to cover up the accidental death. First of all, how is it even possible that this is the first time this is coming up? If that was your story, wouldn’t we have heard that, I don’t know. two or three years ago? And Casey’s parents have been supporting her and been standing behind her since day one and now she’s going to throw THEM under the bus and accuse her own father of sexual abuse and blame him for covering up the death of Caylee? Wow. Way to thank your parent’s for their ongoing support you witch. Why didn’t Casey take the stand? If I was on trial for something I didn’t do, you can bet your life’s earnings that my ass would be on that stand defending myself.

I’m still shocked she was acquitted of murder, she’s not being held at ALL responsible for neglect… I don’t know how she got away with this murder, but she will literally go down in history for this. If something comes along ten years from now, a new piece of evidence, a witness, if the truth EVER comes out about this little girl’s murder and it somehow ends up NOT being Casey, I will be the first person to admit that I’m wrong and give some more credit to the justice system for not convicting an innocent woman…. But I won’t hold my breath because I think we’d sooner get a confession from Casey than a new suspect. Hell, ten years from now something comes up and we find that she really is not guilty of murder, one thing she will always be guilty of is neglect. I don’t care who you are.



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