Day 16: Someone you trust.

 (Please excuse the awful picture of me on the left, I just really like this picture of my dad!)

These are my parents, John and Alison. We have our differences, I know I drive them crazy from time to time and they’ve had a tendency to drive me crazy sometimes as well, but when it comes down to it they are just buckets of trust and I know that I can count on them for anything in the world. I know I always have a place to go, a place to stay and that they will always support me in all of my endeavors, and that they will be there to help pick me up when I fall.





My sister Amanda is my best friend and the person I go to with all my triumphs and my failures. She is my therapist, my rock, my heart and my soul. She knows all my secrets, and more about me than anyone else. She’s the one who gets me 100% and I would trust her with my life. She’s brilliant and hilarious, and the best sister a girl could ever ask for.






PJ, my sweetheart of a boyfriend. Not only is he incredibly handsome, but he’s got every single quality any woman could want in a man. He is kindhearted and genuine, trustworthy and honest, intelligent and funny and just all around awesome. He makes me feel beautiful when I’m being self-conscious and he constantly tells me he loves me. He’s literally the most important relationship in my life and I love him more than anything. He’s my main squeeeeze!





These girls. Callah in the middle, Laura on the right. These girls have never once said anything dishonest to me in our entire relationships. I can always count on them to tell me the truth, no matter how painful, and they would do anything for me just as I would do anything for them. They’re bitchy and sarcastic and rude and honest, and they’re just some of the most down to earth, trustworthy women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.


What do YOU think??

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