Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

I am in a great mothereffing mood right now.

No specific reason, life is just good at this very moment.

Gonna toot my own horn here for a minute.

I spent the last three days at work with my dad, (32 hours in three days) helping him install a new phone system at the office. I’m talking about legitimately crawling on my hands and knees under nasty desks, running  miles of cat5 cables, installing software, updating admin interfaces, programming phones,  and we’re talking 120+ physical phones as well as setting up virtual mail boxes and extensions for offices and employees in CA, TX, HI, CT and Germany… I only tell you all of this because it sounds super cool haha. I mean, I was working with two of the guys that my dad’s company was paying to do the phone install, and I was holding my own. Holding my own to the point where on the second day of my being there when I was primarily doing database editing, they even asked my dad if I could help them installing the phones because I had gotten so good at it. So I mean, nothing really makes you feel as good as professionals asking for your help because you’re good at what you’re doing. I did a lot of work these past few days, I got paid for it, and I could tell that I was actually helping. It wasn’t that awkward help where you feel like you’re in the way, they really appreciated me and that felt better than anything else.

Don’t even get me started on how this totally proves my point of college being a waste of time because I can be taught anything I need to know how to do. Hmph.

Tomorrow I’m going to do some running around for my mom, do some errands, anddddd I’ll be going to the studio! The recording studio has moved to a new location since the last time I was there, and I can’t wait to see it as well as the producer I used to work with. He’s going through some stuff right now and I think he might benefit from the company of an old friend. PJ put in his two weeks’ notice at the airline in Louisiana, and will be in Virginia SO SOON! We’re going to eventually have to move to Williamsburg, I don’t know when, I don’t know where, and I don’t know WHAT the hell I’m going to do about a job, but everything will fall into place, right????? EEK. All I know, is that I cannot WAIT to have that handsome man back in the same state as me!

I do think I want to fly back to Louisiana before he moves back though, cheap airline tickets AND I don’t have a job… It would be a SHAME to not use them!

I also found out this week that the protective order I thought I had in place to protect me from the aforementioned guilty party in the case of ‘would use you as a human pinata’ man was not an official protective order at all! Called the courts and they told me everything they had. He was found guilty, $500 fine, one year of jail time suspended, no contact and 2 years of probation. Granted, if he had contacted me in any way he would have BROKEN his probation and would then have gone to jail, but the point is that it was not an official protective order. What does this meaaaaaan, you may ask? It means that there is no law in place stopping me from getting my permit to carry a concealed weapon. Which is what I plan on doing in the VERY near future.


SO ANYWAYS, things are looking good, lot’s to look forward to. OMGOSH A HAPPY POST! 🙂


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