Day 21: everything you wish for in a significant other.

I think everyone probably has their fantasy list of everything their dream significant other is. It’s hard to write a list of what I wish for in a significant other when I HAVE a significant other. I’ll try to be as UN-PJ-biased as possible 🙂

I’ve always wanted someone significantly taller than me. I am 5’10 and have always been self-concsious about my height. I don’t wear heels often, but when I do I like for the man I’m with to still be noticeably taller than me. It’s shallow, but it’s true. Humor is one of the most important things. My guy has to be able to make me laugh, and he has to be able to take a joke. I grew up in the most sarcastic household one can possibly imagine, and I would hate to live any other way! I can be a pain, so I need someone who can call me on  my bullshit because I will most definitely call them on theirs. I like a man’s man. I love a man that will watch a chick flick with me, but I love a man who’s into sports even if it’s not my favorite thing.. My guy has to like music, and a benefit is to not be too picky with it! I like a variety, and I hate fighting over the stereo.

I need a man who wants to take care of me. Not that he necessarily NEEDS to, I am quite capable of taking care of myself and often even feel the need to be the one DOING the taking care of, but I’d like for someone to at least WANT to take care of me. To keep me safe and happy. I like a family man. A man who loves his mother and respects his father and is good with mine. My family is the most important thing to me and I need someone who shares that value. It’s important to be with someone who shares a lot of the same values as I do. PJ and I are not on the same level with EVERYTHING, like say, politics… (don’t get me started!!!) But when it comes to things like getting married someday and raising children and being decent people.. We need to be on the same page.

I need someone who’s silly, but is willing to take a step back and be serious when the situation calls for it. I get upset sometimes, and I don’t like to be mocked or made fun of, I want my guy to hug me and listen to me and tell me that it’s going to be okay and to be there to help me in any way that he can. I need someone who’s going to respect my dreams and support me and be willing to help me achieve them. I need someone I can trust.

A relationship is a million different facets of two entirely different people being brought together and there are a lot of factors that determine if those two people are meant to spend the majority of their time together or not. Relationships are hard work and require time, energy, love, trust, honesty, committment and support. We’re lucky to find a person we want to share ourselves with.


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