You’re kidding me, right?

I’m totally going to be a Gossiping-Gertie here real quick. So, a friend of a friend posted on my Facebook today and said “You should worry a little less about me and whats going on in my life and worry about doing something productive with yours! Keep my name out of your mouth!” WHOA! I commented back with a “Not that I even know where this is coming from, but I would hardly say that ANYthing I do even remotely resembles worrying about you and your life.”

I find it really interesting that this is how people deal with their issues. They hear a piece of gossip and then instead of finding the accused offender and asking “Hey, Kyle… I heard something today, can you tell me what happened,” They go right to posting on your wall with an attitude and a classic  “Keep my name out of your mouth.”

After poking and prodding a little bit I think I found out what this girl was talking about, and the whole thing is HILARIOUS to me. It’s so high school. I would think that by now even my friend’s friends would know that if I have something critical to say about someone, I have no problem telling them to their face. That, and if you piss me off, I’m going into blast-off mode which is a line of fire you do not want to be in. I’m not saying I’m PROUD of this, I’m just saying that everyone knows that I don’t take any crap and that if you throw it at me, I’m just going to catch it and smear it all over your face if need be. One has to be very brave to know me and start talking crap anyways.

So here’s what I think happened. I only have two mutual friends with this girl, and I don’t even talk to one of them all that much anymore. A few days ago, my friend that I DO talk to told me that this girl just found out she was pregnant. Knowing that this girl habitually partakes in recreational herbiage, I said, “Oh, she and her husband should probably stop smoking all that pot here pretty soon then.” … And that was it. AM I WRONG HERE? I thought it was pretty typical for pregnant women to quit their bad habits, my bad. Anyways. Apparently my friend mentioned it to our other friend who apparently had quite the laugh about it before passing it on to said pregnant woman. Now, Pregnant woman is pissed off at me? First of all, it’s not like I said her baby is going to come out looking all wrecked because she’s some sort of drug addict… Someone mentioned she was pregnant, I said she might want to not smoke pot anymore. I think this is a completely LEGITIMATE conversation to have! And had I been hanging out with her at the time, I WOULD HAVE SAID IT TO HER FACE. This is not something that is a big deal, whatever.

I suppose I can see how upon hearing about what I said she might be a little ‘Uh what did that girl say?’ Especially since between my mouth and her ears were two other bodies transferring information down the grapevine so I can only imagine how it sounded when she finally heard it, but that’s why should have given me the benefit of the doubt. She and I were always on good enough terms to where she should have been able to come to be about it like an adult instead of being a child and blasting it on Facebook.

Ohhhh. Look at me blowing up the blog-spot.


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