Day 26: 5 things you’re looking forward to

1. Getting my paycheck for all the hours I’ve been putting in at my dad’s office. Still unemployed, so it’s going to be VERY appreciated!!

2. Hopefully meeting my honey in Dallas for a weekend alone! Since November, we’ve either been staying with his family or crashing with mine, so it will be nice to just have a few days by ourselves again. I miss having our own place!!

3. THIRD EYE BLIND in Williamsburg next weekend. Holy kaopectate, it’s going to be fab. Haven’t seen them since… ’08 I THINK??? Maybe ’09..

4. My family sat down last night and worked out the details of our family Biggest Loser challenge, starts Feb 1st, ends June 15th. Weekly Wednesday Way-ins, bi-weekly challenges, the whole shebang. Winner gets to pick the location of a weekend family getaway! PUMPED. So much easier to lose weight when you’re in it together!

5. Excited for PJ to be living in VA again! He starts his move Feb 5th, and while getting our lives settled and figured out will likely be no easy task, it’ll all be worth it to have him here with me. 😀


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