Day 28: something you makes you really angry.

Hidden costs.

POR EJEMPLO;   (PJ- “What’s ‘Por jumplo?”)

I’m in Texas with PJ right now and we’re going to a really nice restaurant tonight, so I decided that it’s the perfect time to fix my super triflin’ nails. From our hotel you can clearly see Cowboys Stadium and the many stores, restaurants and other assorted businesses, so we head that direction. We grab something to eat and head back towards the hotel, stopping at a nail place we had seen on the way. The sign in the window clearly says ‘Refill: $13.’ I think, ‘Sweet, that’s a little cheaper than even back home!’ So we go in and I get my nails filled. Now, when you get acrylic nails with the white french tip, they glue a white tip on your nail and then put the acrylic on… When you get them refilled, they have to buff down or cut some of the grown out white tip (so you don’t have those crazy bitch nails) and put on more acrylic to fill in the spots where your natural nail is now showing. After that, they will take white nail polish and paint the nail so that your previously grown out-now cut down tiny white tip doesn’t look silly.

ANYWAYS. I get all this done, she cuts my nails down to the length I like, put on the acrylic and then painted on the white tips. I go to pay and the man at the counter says, “$23.00.”  I’m like, excuse me? He says, “$15 for the refill, $5 for the french tips, and $3 for the cut down.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? When I get a fill at home, the shit is like $15 bucks and I’m out the door. Because as far as I’m concerned, the cut down and the paint is PART of the refilling process. If all they did was put on a new layer of acrylic, my nails would be long enough for me to sort lines of crack, you HAVE to get them cut down a little bit and put a little paint on them so they look brand new. Not only did their sign say $13 and they said the fill was $15, but then they decided that all these things that I’m used to being included in the price are separate entities. It’s bullshit, it’s misleading, and it’s rude. I said to him, “Well that’s slightly misleading,” and I handed over the cash. I was pretty pissed. My nails don’t even look as good as they do when I get them done at home so it’s a double whammy.

Anyways. I’m sure there are plenty of things that make me more angry than paying $10 more on my nails than I thought I was going to, but this is what got me revved up today. Enjoy haha.


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