Day 29: A date you’d love for someone to take you on:

Before I get into today’s topic, something interesting I’ve noticed. I get the most views on my blog when I’m talking about someone I know. The post I wrote about my sister still has the most amount of views, and the runners up are entries I’ve mad trash talked people I know. You guys have very interesting taste!

Bout that date. When PJ and I were living together we didn’t go out too much. We’re young, broke and beautiful, what can I say… We had other things to be spending our money on, like rent, electricity, water bills, the usual. When we did go out we like to go see a movie or go to Texas Roadhouse, always something cheap that we knew we’d enjoy and that was always okay with me, still is. These are things that I know we both enj0y and it’s never anything that really breaks the bank so we don’t have to stress about the financial aspect of it. I’ve learned that for as high maintenance as I’ve always appeared to be, my tastes are surprisingly simple. We went out to a ridiculously expensive restaurant last night that we can’t afford, but he’s just so convincing with his “Come on honey,  you have to live a little every once in a while. And he’s right, I do… And the meal was delicious, I’ll admit that… But even today I’m still sick over the money spent. Turns out, my ideal date is something that I can enjoy without stressing out about what it’s going to cost us.

I can’t wait until he’s back in Virginia and we can go back to our standard after school date… Lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant ($20.00) and a walk up Mt. Trashmore. That’s all it really takes for me. I mean, someday might I love some over the top romantic gesture just because it can be done? Sure, but when it comes down to it, it’s not at all about where the date is or how much any of it’s going to cost. It’s about how much quality time I’m getting to spend with the man that makes me feel like a Princess anyways.

Who knew that for as shallow, vain, and materialistic as I know I can be, I’m also a huge sweetheart who knows the value of a sincere “I love you.”


What do YOU think??

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