Day 31: a bit about your social life outside of *WordPress.

Social life?


That’s. Hilarious.


I’ve been back in Virginia for a month and a half and I’ve seen two of my friends, one of them once and the other one twice. My family’s been going through some junk, there was Christmas, PJ was here for two weeks, I’ve been helping my dad out with a bunch of stuff going on at his office… There just hasn’t been a lot of time for ‘social life.’ Not only that, but I’m stinking unemployed, so there’s not really a whole lot to do on my budget!

I think I’m going to audition for a play tomorrow though. It’s being put on in Norfolk at one of the local theaters and I know a lot of the people involved with it, I’ve gotten a LOT of encouragement to go for it, and it just looks like a lot of fun. I haven’t done a show in FOREVER. I had almost talked myself out of it, was thinking that it would be so time consuming, and if I would be moving to Williamsburg in a few months I wouldn’t want that to get in the way of a show I was doing or anything like that… But then today came, and today sucked, and I want to do the show.

PJ’s not moving here. Not yet at least. Yeah. His last day at the airline in Louisiana was supposed to be this week, he was going to pack up this weekend and start driving. He used up ALL of his vacation the first two weeks of January because he knew he was leaving, the job told him he could start February 13th, everything would be great, it was all set. And then they call him today and tell him, Oh yeah, but since your dad works for us too and you would both be working in the same region, you actually can’t have the job. WHAT. THE. FUCK. YO. I am SO unbelievably pissed off, you can’t even comprehend. This company has been DICKING him around since August when they first hinted at him that there might be a place for him on their Williamsburg property. That is FIVE months. FIVE MONTHS! The first four were them saying that they had to fire this one guy first, and as soon as the position was open it was his. Four months of “Oh we’re firing him Monday. No Friday. No next week. No after next weekend,” went by and then he tells me the news we had been WAITING to hear. That the position was open, and the job was his. He went on his OFFICIAL interview when he was here earlier this month and they told him to just wait for their word, and they’d give him a starting date. So, he got word, got the start date, was told to put in his notice, and now this. THANK GODDESS that the airline seems like they’re going to let him hold on to his job. I swear, I am livid. His dad has ALWAYS been his dad. If this was going to be the issue, it NEVER should have gotten this far. They never should have led him on for 5 months letting him think he had a place with them, getting him to a point where he’s already left his current job and used up all his vacation for the ENTIRE YEAR IN JANUARY… Dick move, company in question.. Dick move.

So at this point, I’m looking for the silver linings. Silver lining #1, we both get to keep our flying benefits so we can keep visiting each other, there’s that.  He doesn’t have to start all over being at the bottom of the food chain in a company. October first marks him being with the airline for 5 years , and so the flying benefits get even sweeter.. With a corporation like American Airlines, there are so many opportunities for him to move up in the company, so this might be a blessing in disguise. When the time is right, he’ll try to get transferred here to Norfolk and see how that goes. I am going to look for something to do with my time. I’m really tired of the jobs that don’t mean anything to me, but no one will hire me to do what I want without a degree! What IS that haha. So, I think it’s time to start planning my return to community college. DUN DUN DUNNN.

So, it sucks that instead of him being here next week, I have no idea when I’ll see him again… And instead of him being here next week, I’m still in a long distance relationship… I mean, really the hardest part about this whole thing for me was the way these people treated him. It was shitty, and unprofessional and I hate it.. But all it all I think this may work out for the best in the long run.

We will see won’t we!


2 thoughts on “Day 31: a bit about your social life outside of *WordPress.

  1. britni says:

    Hey girl keep your head up! I know what ur going through it sucks being away from the man u love! I’ve been away from Jeremy since Dec 28 on the exception of 4 days….its hard I can only imagine you guys!! I hope everything works out for the best for both of yall. I think u should definitely try out for the play!! U will do great and who knows maybe opening night I can use bubba’s buddy pass and come watch u in action!! I’ve wanted to come to Virginia for a while!! Well gn love ya. Call me sometime I haven’t talk to u since u left. 😦

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