Day 32: whether you’d rather marry someone who’s rich but ugly, or poor but attractive

This isn’t even a fair trade off, I mean… I don’t think either one of those things is a deal breaker. I could argue for both sides!

If you have someone who’s rich but ugly… Then you know you don’t have anything to worry about financially. Car’s getting fixed, dinner on the table, private school for the kids and all the bills are paid… But are you attracted to your spouse? Attraction, chemistry and intimacy are very important aspects of a relationship.

If you have someone who’s poor but good looking… Then you know the attraction is there thus the ability to keep the relationship exciting… But then you have to worry about all the financial things.

I think more so than these things, your spouse has to be a good match for you as a person. Not because of their financial status or what they look like.


What do YOU think??

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