Day 33: someone who really hurt you

I’ve pretty much elaborated as much as I feel like elaborating on the two people that qualify the most for this role. There’s the ex-boyfriend and the ex-friend who are much better as exes than they ever were at their previous roles in my life. I haven’t spoken to her since last March, I think it was.. And I haven’t spoken to him since 2009… And it has just been lovely.

There are other times I’ve been hurt, don’t get me wrong. I mean… Just recently, a friend posted a status on Facebook basically saying that barring any extenuating medical circumstances, you’re a complete loser if you find yourself living at home with your parents at 24. Ummm who BOUGHT your condo for you sweetheart? MUST be nice. To think I had almost forgotten why we hadn’t spoken in months.

I’m a tough broad and it’s not too often that I take things seriously and get my feelings hurt, but it is possible. I don’t think she wrote it to intentionally bag on me, but it was mega insensitive and I was ridiculously offended. Another thing that doesn’t happen to me very often. I even commented on it, just said that I was having a hard time finding something nice to say in response… Hoping that she’d at least come back with an “Oh my gosh I’m SO sorry I totally didn’t mean anything by it!” And then she didn’t. Didn’t even say anything. Which kind of makes her even more of a jerk about it.



What do YOU think??

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