AND ALSO. Saw this article on a pro-marijuana, anti-alcohol website I stumbled upon… The site is trying to say that if Molly had been able to smoke pot, she wouldn’t have been drinking as much, and that she wouldn’t have died of alcohol poisoning.

FIRST OF ALL. Molly was 19. She obviously didn’t heed the law that said no drinking until age 21, so I have every reason to believe that if she had …WANTED to be smoking pot, she would have, despite it being against the law.

SECONDLY. When are we going to stop blaming alcohol related incidents on the alcohol itself? You KNOW and accept the risks when you put the drink to your mouth. It’s an AWFUL thing that happened to this young girl and yes something should be done about underaged kids’ access to alcohol, but to go out and actually have the nerve to say that if marijuana was legal it wouldn’t have happened? Now that’s just IGNORANT.

It’s the same thing as with gun control! Are guns capable of killing? YES. People seem to overlook the fact that a TRIGGER HAS TO BE PULLED FOR IT TO GO OFF. Someone has to manually PULL that trigger for a bullet to come flying out of that barrel. We’re such a finger-pointing blame-happy society that no one seems to be able to take responsibility for their own actions. I have taken, passed and qualified through an NRA gun safety course, and I know how to use and respect the weapon. And being 24 years old, I’ve had enough alcohol to know exactly where my limits are and to know how to use and respect that as a drug of sorts. I accept the risks I take when I have a drink or handle a weapon. They are then considered extensions of myself and are MY responsibility. What happens when these things are in my control are of no one’s fault but my own.
Why doesn’t anyone GET that?!?

What do YOU think??

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