Today’s political rant on Facebook.

Had a good debate on FB this morning concerning this whole Trayvon Martin mess. Before anyone goes accusing me of not being informed, I’ve read and seen the news, I’ve heard the 911 recordings, I’ve looked further into EVERYthing going on with this case at this point. Maybe it’s just the Libra in me, but I can clearly see both sides of this thing, and that’s the point I’m trying to get across here. It’s just not as clear cut as everyone else but me seems to think it is. I can see how it looks like George Zimmerman should be in jail right now. His violent past, the 911 calls, the police telling him to stay where he is. It looks bad, it looks really bad. But WE WEREN’T THERE. What’s NOT on the tapes is when Zimmerman and Martin crossed paths. We don’t know what was said or done. We don’t know if Trayvon was trying to play it off like he had a gun or a weapon and was threatening Zimmerman, or if Zimmerman just went on the offense and Martin is nothing but a helpless victim. You can pretend you know what happened all you want, but you don’t. All I’m saying is I feel like there’s more to this that we just don’t have yet. 
The other thing that is really pissing me off right now is the media storm that has come to be. Celebrities twit-pics in hoodies, the rallies, the BLACK PANTHERS! It’s all SICK.
Anyways, here’s the FB debate, and I just want to thank Lauren and Brandi and Maggie and Trey for adding to it, and remaining calm and mature. It’s pretty common for me to be super vocal about these things and lose Facebook friends over it. I think everyone made really great points, and I look forward to seeing this whole mess concluded. My thoughs continue to remain with those grieving Mr. Martin at this time.
Kyle B Kucharski- Tired of all this Trayvon Martin bullshit. All the pictures and tweets in hoodies, are you kidding me? The Black Panthers putting a BOUNTY out on this guys head? This has gotten RIDICULOUS. They can’t arrest Zimmerman because he claims he was acting in self-defense. There’s an uproar when someone’s not arrested, there’s an uproar when innocents are tried… Society can NOT be pleased, no matter what. The justice system doesn’t always get it right, (Casey Anthony) but give it a flipping chance, would you? WE WEREN’T THERE, we don’t know WHAT happened. I have not made a decision about this, because there aren’t enough facts. I’m astonished at how many people are jumping to conclusions with next to no information whatsoever. I’m disgusted.
      • Lauren McDaniel

        Well, what society DOES know is that he was a kid, with nothing but Skittles and ice tea on him. What we DO know is that a grown ass man went “hunting” around his neighborhood after being told not to by 911 dispatchers. We HAVE heard the 91…1 tapes of a kid crying for help and was ultimately murdered. Its called misappropriation of force…I don’t care how many skittles are thrown at me personally, I don’t think a 200-lb man can use the “self-defense” bullshit when he weighs a good 70 lbs more than his so-called attacker. Nope, I wasn’t there….but I don’t have to be present to know that Zimmerman was completely WRONG in how he went about the situation. Please, I’M disgusted. 
      • Katy Marie LoftinI agree to an extent. But the 911 calls threw me over the edge. & the phone conversation with the gf. The whole time on the 911 calls zimmerman is like “nigger this..nigger that” yet claims to not be racist ?!
      • Brandi ReevesI’m not going to state my opinion on this not enough time.. but I agree with you Kyle.. I hurt for the mother.. but the media has blown this way out .. and i just don’t get how people are to strive from hatred and racism if its always being made an issue in any situation involved with different races..
      • Kyle B KucharskiYES! Another one of my issues is how THIS case has sprung outrage, but what about the other hundreds of cases that happen JUST like this? And when a 17 year old male commits a crime we want him tried as an adult, but in this case we call him a ‘kid’? And being racist doesn’t make you a murderer, so Zimmerman calling Trayvon a nigger doesn’t mean anything as far as I’m concerned.
      • Kyle B KucharskiI’m not saying he didn’t commit a malicious crime, I’m saying the facts aren’t there.
      • Lauren McDanielEveryone is entitled to their opinion…and I have one more comment. Can you imagine how different this situation would be is Trayvon was white and Zimmerman were black? Seriously, he’d be locked up and facing first degree murder charges. I don’t care what anyone says, its sad but true.
      • Kyle B KucharskiThat’s the thing though. The situation’s NOT reversed. Why even bother speculating how this would turn out if the situation was anything other than what it is? OJ is black, killed a white woman, and got off completely so that argument is completely invalid. Not to mention George Zimmerman isn’t white. He’s hispanic! He’s a minority himself, so why white vs. black EVEN comes up is beyond me.
      • Lauren McDaniel– We could have a completely separate conversation about the OJ thing, so I won’t go there. Let me ask this, though…why did Trayvon “look suspicious”? Even IF Zimmerman is not racist, Trayvon was still targeted because he supposedly looked …like other black kids that had been committing larcenies, break-ins, etc. in that area. I’ll agree that the White v. Black perspective has gone a tad too far…. because even if Trayvon and Zimmerman were both black or both white or both hispanic, what happened is still an injustice!!
      • Kyle B Kucharski I can 100% understand him calling the cops. The cops are there for you to call when something doesn’t feel right. If George Zimmerman looked out his window, and didn’t feel right about that kid out there, then he SHOULD have called the cops…. I’d have done the same thing. In fact I HAVE done the same thing. I’ve called the cops on a group of teens hanging around on a neighborhood corner in the dark even though they weren’t DOING anything. Difference being I kept my ass in the house and let the cops come deal with it. I can’t defend George Zimmerman for what he did, I’m just saying there’s no way in hell any of us can definitively call what he did ‘hunting.’ Racism will NEVER dissolve if WE keep making it an issue.

        And Trey, I did listen to the tapes. But what I’m saying is we don’t know what happened beFORE the tapes started recording! The whole thing thing about the legal system is you’re not supposed to convict until you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. And again, I’m not saying he wasn’t in the wrong, I just need MORE evidence before I can personally form my opinion. A lot of my grief about the situation is the blowing up of the media. I want to know why THIS case gets so much press when there are plenty of senseless murders that get swept under the rug. It upsets me that the public can pick and choose which deaths are importand and which ones are by lack of coverage deemed unimportant.

      • Kyle B KucharskiAnd don’t even get me started on these Black Panthers!! Trying to fight racism with racism. Just kills me. ANYWAYS. ON ANOTHER NOTE. I love having people that I can discuss things like this with that remain mature and calm. People usually defriend me on Facebook for things like this haha. Thanks for the good talk ladies.
      • Lauren McDaniel– I agree on the calling the cops thing and I agree with about 95% with everything you just said…and I called it “hunting” because he went out after this “suspicious person” with a firearm on him. You’re right- Zimmerman should have stayed …in his house, on his property, whatever. Not go after him with a gun on his person! And yes, there are many murders that get swept under the rug, which is sad. I think other than the concentration on the race issue here, which is questionable, I think this has gotten so much attention because of all the 911 recordings. And since you commented on the Black Panthers before I could hit enter, I’ll add that I couldn’t agree with you more. Hatred is not the solution to hatred. Period.
      • Giuseppe ManconeNow I kind of want to watch 12 Angry Men.
      • Kyle B KucharskiYES. AWESOME movie. ’97 version AND the old one.
      • Maggie Henson You’re right, in this one case it’s difficult to sort facts from heresay. But: Zimmerman self-appointed himself as neighborhood watch, much to the dismay of the neighborhood, and the police who have been called out there almost 80 times, no…t just because he called them, but also because his neighbirhood found him to be somewhat too aggressive to people, even residents, and suspicious in the manner he “watched”/peeped in on people. He has a well documented criminally violent past, so there is also the question as why he was allowed to roam freely AND more importantly carry a gun. These facts, his physical stature, his evident persuit of the victim, and the percieved consistent apathy of the police department are why people are in an uproar in FLORIDA. It’s only national news, because it’s not only sensational and splits the country in two, but because his family and friends made enough noise to attract the rest of the nation’s attention, which has the span of a gold fish. Americans need to have at least 2-3 big, shiney stories to focus on at any given time. It’s all a matter of angles.
      • Kyle B KucharskiFair enough. If his record is that substantial, then I’d be interested in hearing the answers to those questions as well.

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