Ahhhh gay marriage.

I know I don’t write daily like I said I was going to, but sometimes I just get so heated that I can’t help it. This gay marriage/Obama thing has turned into more for me than just an issue over who’s allowed to marry who. It’s ruining Facebook for me, AND THAT’S NOT COOL. I love discussing controversial topics with people. Usually. But lately? I don’t have the patience for it. If  your DIFFERENT opinion is founded on something and you have reasons for believing what you do and all that good stuff then we’re gravy. But people these days are just proving to me that they’re completely clueless about the way the world and the government works, and the ignorance, naivete and blind faith combined is enough to give me an ulcer.
I’ve decided a few things these past few days. One is that I’m going to try my best to steer away from posting ultra political things because  all it does is causes problems. I read people’s political posts and disagree with them so vehemently that I have to either hide their posts so I can’t see it or unload all of my political views into the comment section. I do like a good discussion but with some people it’s very difficult to keep it in the mature, adult discussion range that I prefer it to be, as it seems to escalate to absolute ridiculousness if someone’s not super careful. I am SO passionate about what I believe and what I don’t believe that it’s really hard for me to keep these opinions under control.
I’ve unfriended a LOT of people in the past few months. Seriously, I went from 7 or 800 friends down to less than 400. I deleted the people who lived on my floor in my dorm room of the college I went to for ONE year 6 years ago. I deleted the people I saw in the hallways of high school but never spoke a word to in real life. I deleted random people I met one time at a party that gave me their email address drunkenly one night at a party.  I kept my friends that I actually talk to and hang out with, sorority sisters, theater friends, and a handful of others that I feel may come in handy some day as a networking opportunity. It looks like there are about to be exceptions to the rule, as I cannot stand to subject myself to the kind of political drama that’s going to stress me out as much as it has been lately. Call me paranoid, but I almost feel as though some posts recently have been made just to get under my skin, and they’ve done exactly that. I’ve gotten so worked up recently that it’s really causing me to rethink Facebook altogether. I had a moment the other night where I almost deactivated, but then I realized that I really do enjoy being able to keep in touch with certain people that I otherwise wouldn’t talk to on a regular basis. Aunts and Uncles, my boyfriend’s family down in Louisiana, friends who live in other countries. These are people that mean the world to me, and the base reason why Facebook was created in the first place. As a foundation to reconnect and to stay connected.
I’m stripping Facebook down to the bare essentials.  I’m unafraid to unfriend the people who don’t in some way improve my quality of life, or dilude it with drama. I removed the Facebook application from my phone, because I’ve realized that I am on Facebook way too much as it is. I’m on the computer from 9-4 or 5 every day at work, and let’s be honest, Facebook is never too far away. I have a personal laptop and a business laptop, my mom has a laptop, my dad has a laptop, there is a desktop in my parent’s office. I can check Facebook any time I please. Do I really need to check it when I’m out to lunch with someone, or while I’m stopped at a red light? It’s too much. I have a personal email address and a business email address. A home phone, a cell phone, a business phone, a personal extension, a private work line and fax accessability. I am already one of the most connected and accessible people on the planet, and I see no reason or advantage to having FB on my phone as well.
It’s absolutely ridiculous that I have let social media affect me so much in the first place, but it has. I’m a social butterfly, I love people, I love socializing. I am passionate about everything I say, feel and do, and I want to come across in that way. But I am to a point where I am too much of an adult for all of this childish bullshit that’s all over the place. It has gotten far too immature for my taste, and I’m calling myself on it. I’ve participated for too long, and it’s just time I step back.
I didn’t realize when I logged on here today that I was going to spew that much crap up there, but I guess that’s just my style. I’ve a tendency to be long-winded, but that’s something you probably already knew about me. I’m keeping this blog open for moments exactly like this. When I need a second (half hour) to vent, but I don’t want to do it on Facebook anymore. This whole mess here was because I wanted to take a post I made on Facebook the other day OFF of FB, but I liked what I wrote so I wanted to post it here so that I would have it. That was the whole point! Can you believe it? All that explanation that I don’t even know or CARE if anyone read. Whatever, here it is. Here’s what I posted about gay marriage yesterday.
“I’m in like a thousand different places with this NC gay marriage mess. Do I think gays should be able to marry? Most definitely. It doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t involve me, it has nothing to do with me. I can get married, why shouldn’t they? No big deal. Do I think that these people who vote to keep it banned are a little backwards? Most definitely. What they don’t seem to realize is that their ba…ns are not going to stop people from being gay. All it’s doing is making it so that they can’t enjoy the benefits marriage has to offer. So what’s the point in banning it? THAT I don’t get. However on the other side of the spectrum… I understand everyone is upset about this turn of events, but I just don’t think that getting all nasty and hateful towards the people that voted to ban it is going to make the difference we’re trying to see here. Gays don’t think it’s fair that people are hating on them solely for being gay, so they probably won’t accomplish much by hating the ban supporters for THEIR opinions. Isn’t that the entire issue right there? Tolerance for different points of view? If we expect people to respect gays and their opinions/morals/viewpoints/etc, we need to also reciprocate that very value. You can’t call someone a fucktard for their views while trying to get them to accept YOUR lifestyle. That’s all I’m sayin y’allll.”
Amirite?? Enough with the hate you guys. Anti-gay marriage-ers? Stop hating gays for wanting to get married. Gays? Stop hating anti-gay-marriage-ers for not wanting you to get married. The whole point is to be more tolerant of one another, and neither of you are being successful in that. The whole point is to be respectful of people’s different opinions, and neither of you are being successful in that. We will NEVER come to a middle ground if everyone is so hell-bent on forcing their viewpoints down everyone elses throats (MY WHOLE POINT!!). Does this make any sense to anyone else???
The main things I want to get across here are these:
  • I am not gay. I am straight.
  • I support gay marriage.
  • I will not be voting for a ban on gay marriage.
  • I think those who DO vote for a ban on gay marriage are slightly backwards, and are fighting a winless fight. It is 2012, gay people WILL get the right to marry some day, even if it takes a while. You are stopping no one from being gay, you are ‘reforming’ no one. They WILL win, you’re only slowing them down.
  • THEREFORE. I do NOT support or wish to participate in all the HATE that is being slung between the gay community and those who voted to ban gay marriage. On EITHER side.
  • The gay community slinging bullshit at those who voted to ban gay marriage are just as guilty of intolerance as those who made the vote.

That’s all I’ve got folks, passion is exhausting.


One thought on “Ahhhh gay marriage.

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    I agree with you, Kyle. I just think, maybe, the gay community or whoever believes in it, didn’t how up at the poles. They’ll have another vote on it…. Eventually. But the vote isn’t going to stop them from what they’re already doing.

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