I lost 20 lbs. hahahahahahahahahahah


All the laughter is because I’m just so overcome with like a thousand different emotions right now.

I know 20 lbs is a lot, and I’m SO proud of myself.

I have SO. FAR. TO GO. Like, 35 lbs at THE LEAST. 45 if you want to get REAL serious.

I can’t IMAGINE weighing 20 lbs more than I do right now.

I am NOT skinny, by anyone’s standards… But I feel and look better than I have in YEARS, and I am SO PUMPED to take this to the next level and kill these next 35 lbs.

Why didn’t I do this 5 years ago?



Getting out of the 200’s was SO important to me. Over the past 2 years, I’ve fluctuated between 208 and my highest (recorded) weight of 218. Lose it, gain it, lose it, gain it, lose it, gain it. It got me to a point where I had accepted that I had lost as much as I was ever going to lose, and that it was my fate to just be one of those women who weighed more than 200 lbs. February 1st, my family and I started a weight loss competition, a Biggest Loser contest so to speak. I got down to 210 again, just by eating a little bit less than I normally did, and adding in like, a mile around a track once or twice a week. I never got super into the contest. With my brother in law dropping weight like it was his job, it was easier to admit I had no way of competing with him, and downing a bottle of wine at our weekly weigh in dinners.

My mom and dad and I did a juice fast for about 5 days at one point, and I dropped down to 204, which then took the record of my lowest recorded weight in probably three, maybe four years. But as soon as we started eating food again, it shot right back up to where I was. 210. I stumbled across LauraMustLoseWeight and everything changed. Finally, there was a girl who looked like me, who has transformed her body in the most ridiculous way. She’s shorter than me, I believe 5’6″, but she weighed 195 lbs at her highest weight. Her before pictures look almost exactly like my before pictures, at 5’10” and 218 lbs. She now weighs between 140 and 155 lbs, is stock full of muscle, has run a marathon, and is training to compete in a figure competetion! Are you KIDDING me? SHE LOOKED LIKE ME! Coming across her and learning about her process was really the first time I thought that I might ACTUALLY be able to change my life. And just like that, my attitude shifted.

I joined Planet Fitness, bought the same food/exercise journal she uses, and started getting to it. I weighed myself the morning of June 9th, before I went to the gym, and weighed 210. Today, 26 days later, I weigh 198.9. That’s 11.1 lbs in just about three weeks. I’ve gotten myself out of the dreaded 200’s, where I thought I was destined to be forever, and today marks the day I’ve lost 20 lbs. In the past 26 days, I’ve not gone to the gym I think three times. Three days I’ve not gone to the gym. I started off doing 35 minutes on the elliptical, which lasted a week. One day I did 140 minutes on the elliptical and decided that I could never settle for doing 35 minutes again, unless I was under a time constraint. I’ve been doing 70 minutes of cardio a day, and then will either do ab work, or a 30 minute weight train circuit the gym offers. I NEVER regret going to the gym, and I feel guilty when I don’t get to go.

I have SUCH a long way to go, but today I hit such an important milestone FOR ME, that I just couldn’t not write about it. Getting out of the 200’s was such a big deal. I told my sister yesterday (weighed in at 200.4) that while I had lost 18 lbs, until I got out of the 200’s, it wasn’t really going to feel real to me. And it does now. I can see the difference in my body, I can feel the difference. My legs are stronger, I’ve got these weird muscles in my arms I’ve never had before, my pants are fitting better than ever…. Hell, when I reached for my black work pants today, I didn’t have to check whether they were the ones that tended to fit tighter than the other pair or not. I knew that even if it was the tighter pair, I could still wear them and be comfortable. And it’s only been three weeks since I buckled down. The time has FLOWN by, and has made me realize that I will be able to reach my goal in NO time.

Another one of the realizations I had when I was standing on the scale this morning in shock, was that I can’t believe I didn’t do this a million years ago. There was absolutely no excuse in the world to not have taken on this challenge years ago. This is the first time I’ve ever stuck with the plan to lose weight, and it’s shocking to me that I’m doing it. I can’t. Believe. I’m doing this. I can’t believe. This is WORKING! All the times I see people who’ve lost massive amounts of weight and I ask how they’ve done it… I was always bummed when they answered with, ‘Eating right and working out.’ Like I couldn’t be bothered with it… We’ve all heard it a MILLION times, that the best way to lose weight is to EAT RIGHT, AND DO EXERCISE. Can you EVEN believe, THAT IT’S TRUE?! They say there’s no magic secret to losing weight but there IS! DON’T EAT CRAP ALL THE TIME. GET OFF YOUR BUTT. THAT’S THE SECRET!!! It’s SO simple, it’s such an EASY solution, I can’t believe I didn’t do this a long time ago. That and, I’m glad there’s no magic pill for losing weight. Because let me tell you, there is NO feeling, like stepping on that scale, SEEING that you’re accomplishing something you NEVER thought you could accomplish, and knowing that YOU DID IT. I walked around my house this morning while I was getting ready for work, and I found myself saying OUT LOUD, like a crazy person, “I did this. I did this. This is because of me. I did this.” It’s disbelief. The more the scale moves, the MORE motivation I have to push that much harder. The more the scale moves, the easier it is to turn down the junk food. Because while I still weigh 198.9 lbs, because while I’m still fat, because while I still have MOUNTAINS to move, I am already a success story. I have already learned that I CAN do this. I have learned that I AM able to lose the weight, I AM able to change my life. And there is nothing sweeter.

I want to talk about my family for a second here, because they are just being the most incredible family you could ever imagine. They are SO supportive, it’s insane. They know how important to me this process is, and they’ve made it important to them. It’s the little things that they do, and that they don’t do, that make all the difference in the world, and I don’t even know if they realize how important it is to me. The fourth of July was yesterday, which brings hamburgers and hot dogs.  The burgers my family likes best (Bubba Burgers. THEY’RE SO DAMN DELICIOUS) have 420 calories in ONE BURGER. That’s with no cheese, no bun, no nothing. But omg they’re SO GOOD. My dad, knowing I wouldn’t be eating one, (or two, as I’ve been known to do in the past) bought turkey burgers for me, without me even asking him to. That is a huge deal to me. HUGE. My mom was eating chips and dip last night, and when I asked her for one, she didn’t pass the bag to me like she would have 2 months ago. She passed me one chip. Again, HUGE DEAL. My mom is making me a celebratory dinner tomorrow night for my milestone I reached today, (salmon, YUMMMMMM) and on one hand I thought it kind of silly. Out of the grand scheme of things, I’ve only lost a third or so of the weight that I need to lose… But she’s right, it IS a HUGE accomplishment. It IS worth celebrating. I know it is, and I’m proud of myself, but I do recognize that it’s not over. I mean, it won’t ever TRULY be over. I am not on a diet, this is truly a lifestyle change. I plan on losing the weight, and then continuing to eat healthy and work out because that’s just what I do now, and it’s what I’m going to NEED to do if I want to make sure I keep the weight off.

I’m so sorry I just rambled on for like ten years about this, but today was a big day in the journey. Breaking 200 was proof that I am doing something right, and it feels so damn good.


4 thoughts on “I lost 20 lbs. hahahahahahahahahahah

  1. fromthebottomofmysole says:

    I love this!! 20lbs is a HUGE accomplishment 🙂 Great job on all the hard work you have put in, and Congrats on reaching a milestone. I can’t wait to be under 200 – that’s my goal for the end of August. I know what you mean, it doesn’t feel real until you hit that milestone that you have been waiting to hit. I am 10-12lbs away from hitting -50lbs and that will ALSO put me under 200. I know that will be such an amazing feeling and I can’t wait. It’s super nice that your family is supportive-that definitely makes things a little easier. I am very happy for you and i hope that you enjoy that yummy salmon 🙂

  2. Jostilyn Steiert says:

    Kyle I follow you on facebook (RyanJostilyn) and its amazing how far youve come from then. Such an inspiration!!! Keep up the good work girl!!!!!!

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