Buffalo Chicken Wraps

I have to credit my dad with this one. He and my mom and I were sitting in the garage, and I was just flipping through my Pinterest recipe board on my iPad and I saw like 4 different Buffalo chicken related recipes and got a serious craving for it. My dad was like, “We have that chicken, I can just make a buffalo sauce for it and we can make wraps for lunch tomorrow!” BINGO. Had them today, so incredible. So here you go!



-One can of shredded chicken. JUST like tuna from a can, but chicken. I don’t remember the ounces, but I know our can had 5 servings. (60 cal/ serving) That probably doesn’t help lol. USE AS MUCH CHICKEN AS YOU WANT, GOSH.

-Half a stick of butter. (I never claimed this was a CLEAN recipe!)

-Hot sauce of your choice. (my dad used Frank’s.) (0 cal! WOO!)

-Wraps. (my mom’s was on a sundried tomato basil wrap, 210 cal. Dad’s was a jalapeno cheddar wrap, mine was a multi-grain wrap, 100 cal.)

-Various toppings. (we used a spring mix, and tomatos.)

-Blue cheese. I would say ‘optional’ but when it comes to ‘buffalo’ style… It’s actually mandatory.


-The only real recipe-ing part here is the Buffalo sauce. My dad melted the butter in a sauce pan, and added the hot sauce until our desired level of Buffalo-ness had been reached. He LOVES spicy food and would have like to have used the whole bottle, but I’m a certified pansy when it comes to spice. So he made it just Buffalo-ey enough to satisfy the craving, but not so hot I couldn’t eat it.

-Then, he just poured the mixture over the chicken and mixed it all up!!! THAT WAS IT! Butter and hot sauce y’all.

-We packed everything in our lunch bag, (we work in the same office, so we pack our lunches together. Besties!!) and today at lunch I put the wraps together. Tortilla, approximately one tbs. of blue cheese down the middle, chicken, tomatoes, greens. ROLL IT UP and nosh.

SO good. Can’t wait to see my mom at the gym tonight and see how she liked hers!


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