Okay so it’s not, but SATURDAY WILL BE! The weather is already changing, it’s been in the high 60’s and the low 70s here in southeastern Virginia and it’s absolutely beautiful. I became painfully aware this morning of how badly I need new clothes though! I’ve been throwing out everything that doesn’t fit, and am down to tee-shirts and tank tops and it’s just not going to cut it.

ANYWAYS, I think the weather changing is what’s pushing me into fall this week. I’m just so ready for it! As you can see, I gave the ol’ bloggy blog a makeover the other day! Now she’s pink, with an appropriately creepy little Halloween-like town down at the bottom. ADORABLE!

I just changed my desktop at work today………

I have two screens, that’s why it’s so long haha.

I also changed my phone backgrounds….

I know, I KNOW. I used the bats again. BUT THEY’RE SO DAGGON’ PRECIOUS. I couldn’t help it!

Everyone’s SO surprised it’s all pink, I know.

I LOVE fall. My mom decorates her house in the classiest, most elegant Halloween/Autumn decorations you’ve ever seen. She does Christmas astoundingly well too, but she really outdoes herself in the fall. It’s so gorgeous, and it always smells incredible. I CAN’T WAIT. (no pressure, Mom.) I remember when I first moved to Louisiana in September 2010… I was a little homesick my first little bit there, and went out one night for a little retail therapy. Brought home some pumpkin spice scented candles, a decorative pumpkin, brown tablecloth, just a few little things… And it helped SO much, because it reminded me of being at my mom’s house. That’s it, I’m lighting one of the candy corn candles when I get home!

I need to go shopping for some long sleeved shirts and some cardigans, that’s what I need.

What are your favorite things about the fall?


What do YOU think??

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