It’s birthday week y’all =]

I just wanted to drop in for a quick status update!

Weight is holding steady right now, 175 for about a week now. The next goal is to just hit 169 by November 1st, so there’s still a little time. It’s tough going into Fall though, it’s gotten colder- the weather makes me want to skip the gym and go straight home to sweatpants and hot coffee and chili… Just have to stay strong! I’ve done really well with my pledge not to eat any candy or junk food so far this month though, that’s going just fine. Ten days in! I will say though, I’m celebrating my birthday with the family on Saturday, so whether it’s cake or cupcakes or whatever… I’m having some!

SO October in general is going to be a really exciting month! There is SO much planned! Tomorrow is my birthday, I will be TWENTY-FIVE. Holy, shit. Not quite sure when that happened, but it’s here! I’m not at all where I thought I was going to be at 25, but I’m close. I’m happy, and that’s all that really matters 🙂  So TOMORROW I’m going to the gym in the am before work, and then AFTER work, I’m going to dinner and a movie with my parents. My parents have been craving KFC for a little bit now, so we’re doing that. Don’t worry, I’ve already done menu and nutritional research, and I can get out of there for less than 450 calories, so it’s all good. THEN we’re going to see PITCH PERFECT! So excited about this movie.

Friday night, my mom, dad, dad’s friend and I are going to the season opener of Norfolk Admiral’s Hockey! I got tickets through work. I’m not 100% sure, but they might be box seats… Which is nice, I like box seats, but you actually can’t see as much as you can when you’re up in the stands. But hey, free tickets are free tickets, AM I RIGHT?

Saturday I plan on spending the majority of my day in the gym! Gonna get a nice hard workout in so I don’t feel so badly about whatever might happen at my birthday dinner haha. Pretty much every birthday as far back as I can remember, I’ve had my mom make this pasta dish… It’s literally just egg noodles, butter, and parmesan cheese. It’s my favorite thing in the world, and I’ve asked her NOT to make it this year because I know I’ll eat WAY more of it than I should!! SO DELICIOUS. As we get closer though, I’m starting to wonder if I really do want it lol. MAYBE JUST A LITTLE? I mean, if there’s like, salmon, and some veggies… What harm would some pasta do, right? Hmmm. Mom- are you reading this? We may need to reevaluate birthday dinner 😉 SPEAKING of which, I had also told my mom no cake! I just figured I’d feel badly about it afterwards, and we talked about some not so bad alternatives. But I’m also beginning to think that a yellow cupcake with some chocolate frosting on it never killed anyone. I mean. At least with cupcakes, portion control is pretty easy, don’t have to do that whole- ‘Just a sliiiiiiver of cake pleaseee….’ I may be on to something here. I sound SUPER high maintenance here. I’M JUST TRYING TO BALANCE, GOSH. 🙂

Sunday afternoon I’m having dinner out with a few girlfriends. Just something to get together for dinner, a drink or two. The past two birthdays I’ve had were in Louisiana, and were spent pretty much sitting around a tv with my boyfriend’s family, and drinking by myself, so. Don’t get me wrong, they were very sweet, there were always cake and cards. I just would like to GO somewhere with my girlfriends and enjoy a night out.

It’s going to be an awesome birthday weekend, I’m excited to get it started. NEXT weekend, I’m going on a business trip up to DC. My dad’s actually going with me. He’s the Network Manager at my company, but he’s tagging along with me to kind of just get a feel for what my side of the business, the sales side, does in the stores. I’m really excited to have him come with me. I’ve helped him out a lot on his side of the company, helping with little things such as updates and phone installations, so it will be kind of cool to flip the script and get to be the one showing HIM some things! We have to be in DC on Sunday evening through Tuesday… So we’re going to leave town Thursday after work, and sprint up to Buffalo, NY for a quick visit =] Just for fun. Be there until Sunday morning, drive to DC to work.

Then the weekend after THAT, my mom, dad, sister and I are going to see Theresa Caputo!! THE LONG ISLAND MEDIUM. We all watch her show, and are VERY interested in seeing if in a large group setting, any of us would be read. I have this weird feeling that at least one of us will, but the best seats we could get are up in the balcony so I’m a little bummed about that. If nothing else, it will just be really awesome to get to see her work live instead of on the TV show.

And then there’s Halloween! No crazy parties, I don’t usually go to any parties. I don’t usually get INVITED to any parties hahaha but I do plan on going to my friend Kristy’s house and just hanging out with her, having a glass or two, and passing out candy.


October is the shit y’all. ALL of that, and I need to lose 6 lbs by the end of it hahaha. It’s on.


What do YOU think??

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