They call it ‘HOT yoga’ for a reason.

First of all I just have to say. I’m not perfect. I’m not a robot. I am human, and I make mistakes.

All I can do is recognize that I had a moment of weakness at the Starbucks counter this morning, and learn from my experience.

I usually order a 120 calorie Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte. It’s delicious. Low in calories. Perfection. But I have been DYING to try this Holiday drink, the Eggnog Latte since it was debuted this season. So I did. And I’m glad I did. It’s certainly delicious, like warm eggnog, spiked with espresso. In fact it probably IS just warm eggnog spiked with espresso haha. It’s delicious but it’s not any better than my usual, so at least I can feel good about going back and ordering my normal low-cal treat on the regular. I already have daily inner battles, me vs. the white chocolate mocha and me vs. the peppermint mocha. I’m glad I don’t have to add this guy to the list! Anyways. That’s that.

I got a lot of interaction on Twitter when I told everyone I was going to a hot yoga class! People wanting to know what it was like, how it went, expressing different concerns about taking one themselves such as passing out or not being able to handle it… So I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience with it!

I’ve been friends with this guy Bryan since I was 18, so about seven years now. We worked in a restaurant together and have just stayed friends over the years. I probably hadn’t SEEN him since like 2009 sometime, but we had stayed friends on FB, would chat every now and then, that kind of thing. ANYWAYS- long story short- he got in touch with me last week and asked if I was interested in going running with him or hitting a yoga class with him. YOU GUYS know how I feel about running, (it’s for devil worshippers) and I had taken yoga before so I told him I’d love to go to a yoga class. I had taken yoga for a semester in college and I loved it and had gotten really good at it, but it’s been years. Like three. So I had my concerns.

I do a lot of ellipticalling and weight training, but I know I don’t stretch as much as I should, so I was worried that I would be hugely INflexible and make a fool out of myself. He convinced me to try a hot yoga class, and I was worried that it was going to be so hot in that room that I was going to have to call it quits halfway through. And of course, being a chick, I was just plain worried I was going to embarrass myself in front of this cute boy. 😉 Sorry Bryan. You’re a cutie. It happens.

So I met him down at his gym at 6:30 yesterday evening, he told me I looked amazing- which NEVER gets old- signed me in as a guest and showed me to the women’s locker room. I got changed and we went into the yoga studio. It was already blazing hot in there, nice huge heater in the ceiling going at full force. Set out our mats and chatted quietly for a few minutes before the instructor began. We started out lying on our backs and did some breathing exercises while she instructed us to leave our worries at the door, to wash away any negative thoughts, and to focus on nothing but our breathing. She started some music and read a passage from some book- I’ve already forgotten what it was about. Next, after we sat up, (typical indian style, hands on the knees type thing) she instructed us to take a moment for intention. She wanted us to have a REASON for being in the class at that time, to have goals. I just talked to myself for a minute and told myself that I was going to really focus on doing the best I could- and that I wouldn’t give up.

It was probably about 20 minutes into the class that she paused for a water break which was right on time. Luckily Bryan had grabbed some hand towels for us, because we were DRIPPING! I couldn’t believe how much I was sweating, I don’t even sweat that much after a 2 hour gym workout! And I’ve seen pictures of Bryan after he’s run full frigging marathons, and I’m pretty sure he sweat more in that 20 minutes than he did running 26.2 miles. It was CRAZY, but it felt incredible. We started up again, and I noticed at one point in the downward dog position, that the sweat was dripping consistently off my face and chest onto my mat, running up my nose, into my eyes. I almost started laughing just because it was hard to believe. I was able to perform the balance poses with more ease than I thought I would, didn’t fall over or lose my balance. Over all, I was really impressed with myself.  When it was all over, we ended up lying on our backs for more breathing exercises, and she came around and laid an ice cold cloth on each of our foreheads. What would you do for a Klondike bar? No no. What would I do for that ice cold cloth on my head. I’d do hot yoga all day long for that damn cloth, it was ridiculously refreshing.

I was actually a little bummed when it ended, and I could hardly believe we’d been in there for a little over an hour. We decided to get something to eat, so we changed back into our clothes (I can’t believe I went into public post hot yoga, but luckily I was able to dry off, re-deoderize, brush my hair and touch up makeup. It could have been worse I guess) and hit this tapas restaurant. We ordered edamame, kale salad, scallops… and drank a shit-ton of water.  A great workout followed by a great meal with a great friend… It was just awesome. I slept like a baby last night, I’m a little sore this morning but it’s a good sore. I can tell I used a lot of muscles last night that I don’t normally work out, and I feel longer… Does that make sense? It’s weird. I’m 5’10”, I don’t need to be any longer haha.

Anyways, next step is to find a hot yoga studio near my house so I can do that shit all the time. It’s addicting.

If you’re interested in taking a hot yoga class, DO IT. The instructor told us more than once that you only do what your body is comfortable doing. There’s not really a right or wrong way, as long as you’re pushing yourself and breathing. There are lots of alternate poses if your body isn’t comfortable with some of the more advanced poses, it really is for everyone. Give it a shot! Drink lots of water before you go, take water with you, and drink a lot of water when you leave. Take a towel or make sure where you’re taking the class provides them. You want a towel, I promise. Think about what you’re wearing before you go. You want something you don’t have to fidget with a whole lot, something that hugs your body though. If you wear a tee-shirt, it’s going to fall up around your head and if you’re anything like me, you don’t want anyone seeing that mess haha.

Have fun, relax, TAKE A CLASS, and let me know how it goes!!!


3 thoughts on “They call it ‘HOT yoga’ for a reason.

  1. ellemnopea says:

    I am a bit self conscious right now, but I will definitely try in the near future. I have zero flexibility and need to lose at least another 20-30lbs before I feel ready for that. But this was a great description of a class that sounds worth taking!

    • kylethegirl says:

      I understand that. I don’t know where you’re at with your weight right now, but there was a woman in my class last night that I see there often, and she’s big. Bigger than I was when I started this mess 50 some lbs ago, and she gets in there and does a bang up job. She can’t do every pose, but then again neither can I. My point is that I understand your reservations coming from a self-conscious point of view, but don’t think that you CAN’T do it. And as far as flexibility, the heat and the humidity in the room really assist in that- makes all your joints and muscles a little looser, and the practice itself helps with flexibility.

      ANYWAYS- I hope you do try it sometime 🙂 I think you’ll do a lot better than you think you will.

      • ellemnopea says:

        🙂 I was diagnosed with diabetes in October, and since then I have lost a total of 12lbs, which isnt much, but I guess it is something. I was alwasy somewhere between 205 and 215 (I’m 5’6 and carry most of my weight in my tummy, I have long limbs), for the past 6 years. At my heaviest, I hit 250. After a breakup, I lost 50lbs, and within the past 3 years have slowly gained 10-15lbs. I am now in the 190’s and although the number makes me feel good, I still know I have so much more to lose and need to start losing. I have never been skinny before so it would be nice to see what this pretty faced would look like with a pretty bod too. But I mostly need to lose the wait because I seriously need to manage this diabetes.

        I will most definitely look for a hot yoga class in my area. Thank you for the encouragement.

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