Lose weight over the holidays!

So this guy right here is the latest. This is a picture my mom recently found of me. My guess it’s when she and my dad came to visit me when I was living in Louisiana, so summer 2011. The picture on the right was just taken last week, the day I hit 168lbs, for a 50 lb deficit total so far.

My last few posts have been all YOU CAN DO IT, DON”T GIVE UP! Which I think are HORRENDOUSLY necessary, but I just wanted to give y’all a quick run-down of how my Thanksgiving holiday went, how the weekend was, and my plans for the coming month or two!

The holiday was nice. Well, aside from my sister coming down with the world’s worst migraine and having to be put to bed RIGHT after dinner. (she’s 29, so I use the phrase ‘had to be put to bed’ loosely, but you know what I mean.) I woke up in the morning and went to hot yoga first thing, followed by the gym for some arms and a little cardio. I ate ONE plate of food at dinner and it filled me to the brim. It felt like a ton of food, but last year it would have been child’s play. I had a few glasses of wine, and 2 chocolate chip cookies. The cookies weren’t even because I wanted dessert! I was SO full from dinner, but I knew that I wouldn’t eat any crap food any OTHER day than Thanksgiving, so I packed two cookies down anyways haha. Terrible logic but that’s just what happens sometimes. Friday morning I woke up, had one of my protein bars, some C4, and I hit the gym. No point in wasting time! That evening I went to see a musical that a friend of mine directed, and went to this tapas restaurant down at the oceanfront afterwards where we had some cheese and crackers, and a couple beers. (Two, to be exact.) Saturday morning I slept in for quite a while, and then- you guessed it- went to the gym. Hit it for like three hours, went home- took a shower, watched a movie with the rents, passed out. This brings us to Sunday. Protein bar, C4, gym for legs and butt (what’s up EVERY leg machine the gym has as well as dead lifts and 120 lunges!). I convinced Bryan to hit hot yoga with me after the gym, so I drove out to the beach and did that. SUCH a good class, and I think Bryan enjoyed it too. I had told him before that it was a lot hotter than the class he had taken me to- and I don’t think he had believed me… He gets it now though. It was so damn hot in there. So yoga ends, we chug some water and walk outside practically sopping wet, and he says we need to go get smoothies. So we go to this little natural health food market that has a cafe in it, and get these ‘Almond Butter Blasts.’ They were almond butter, banana, vegan chocolate syrup and I don’t know what else, but it was literally the best smoothie I’ve ever had in my life. I want to drink them forever. Hung out with him for a little bit, went home, had a turkey sandwich on whole wheat with light mayo, sundried tomatoes and banana peppers and called it a night.

Woke up this morning, weighed myself, 166. Exactly two pounds down from last Monday, which is incredible for a holiday weekend being in there- I’m pretty damn proud of it. I never once suffered or felt deprived- I continuously worked hard, and it paid off. That’s what it’s all about! So at the beginning of the month, I had said I wanted to see 160 on the scale by the end, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that’s not going to happen. It’s also pretty safe to say that I’m probably not going to see 148 like I had wanted to by New Year’s, but IT’S OKAY. Progress is progress, and I’m so close.

Even if I can’t log back in to FB January 1st weighing 148 lbs, my transformation even thus far has been insane, and there’s still an entire month left. There’s nothing to scoff at, everything to be proud of, and I’m looking forward to it.

December is going to be interesting!


Yep. That’s the workout schedule I made for December. Purple is yoga (only goes through the second week because that’s when my trial classes end. I haven’t signed up for a membership yet, and even though I’m pretty sure I’m going to, I don’t want to write it on there until I do.) Blue is weights, so it might be upper body (arms/chest/back) or lower body (legs and butt!), red is cardio… Highlighted in yellow are the days I’m not going to drive out to the gym, and highlighted in pink are the days I’ll be in Buffalo for Christmas. There is a Planet Fitness in Buffalo, THANK GOODNESS, but I don’t know what their hours are going to be like on Christmas, that kind of thing… So I’ll deal with those days when I get there 🙂


This is the last month before my 6 month timeline is up, so I want to hit it hard and make it count. The new insane goal I haven’t revealed to the cyber-universe is circling into motion too… But I really think I’m going to wait until January to spill the beans on that one!

It’s hard to get up and out in the winter, it’s cold outside, you want to stay in bed… But there’s no time for that! I have things to get done!

I hope you all have set some awesome goals for December, and have plans to end 2012 with a bang! Make each and every day count!


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