the Yoga saga’s resolution.


I love that haha. Okay, so- If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’re aware of the mess that was my yoga membership over the past handful of days. I transitioned from a Trial Period Member on Thursday evening into a full-fledged member. I paid the first of many $89 monthly payments and was told I was good to go. It wasn’t until Friday evening when I logged onto the website to sign up for a Saturday morning class that this document pops up, it says ‘Membership Contract.’ Long story short, no one had mentioned any sort of contract, contract term, I didn’t have to sign anything when I was at the studio… I decided to read this contract, and it was saying that basically barring limb amputation and death, to cancel my yoga membership would cost me $500.00 or the ‘current monthly unlimited fee ($89.00) mulitplied by the number of months the contract has been enforced, whichever is greater.’ So, if this is a 12 month long contract, it makes sense. They don’t want you agreeing to pay them for a year and then trying to back out six months in- I get that. But everything up to this point had led me to believe that this was a month to month deal. There was nothing on the website about a contract term, no one had mentioned one, and it wasn’t even in the document that popped up on the website.

So at this point I’m pretty annoyed. Not to mention those kinds of fees are ABSURD for a month to month membership, but the fact that this contract is to be signed AFTER I’ve already paid? Terrible business. I went to the yoga studio Saturday morning to clarify this, and I said to the girl at the counter- ‘So you mean to tell me that if I practice here for a year, and then I want to cancel, that at $89.00 a month- I’m going to have to pay $1,068.00 to cancel?’ And she said yes. I told her I wanted out- she said she’d have her manager call me.

I’m so bummed at this point- I’ve fallen in love with the practice, the studio and the staff knows me by name! I LOVE when people remember my name. The manager of the studio calls me later that afternoon, and we spoke for quite a bit. I told her what had happened, how the conversation had gone at the studio that morning, and my concerns. She apologized profusely about the miscommunication- and informed me that it is in fact a 12 month contract, and that she handles each and every cancellation on a case by case basis.

I thanked her for calling me and talking to me about it, and told her that I would retain my membership. I don’t mind a year long contract, that’s fine. But I also told her that I was very put off by the fact that there was no mention of a contract or contract term at the time of payment, and that I was hit with it out of the blue when I logged into the website. I didn’t think that was very professional of them, and I think that all contractual conditions need to presented at the time of payment.

It’s all over and done with, I’m just happy it all worked out and that I get to keep going to yoga. As expensive as it is, it’s the cheapest in the area, close to work, and I just really enjoy the practice.

You guys still need to get out there and try it! It’s so addictive 🙂


What do YOU think??

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