I’m in love.

It’s been a hectic week- I’m not trying to make excuses, it just has. I’ve caved on a couple cookies, had a frappuccino-like coffee drink yesterday, skipped yoga Tuesday, didn’t work out at ALL yesterday…

But when I stepped on the scale this am and it said 161.7, I about died. I’ve lost even though it’s not an ideal week for me. And I realized, I LOVE MY BODY.

I love this body! I don’t think I’ve said that once that I can remember… But I love this body. If not 100% because of the way it looks, then because of the fact that it is one hell of a machine. I’ve worked so hard and dedicated so much time and effort to molding my body- I’ve trained it to do what it has to do even when I’m slacking in the slightest.

I’ve managed to have a fantastic weigh in after not giving this past week 100%, and it’s giving me just the boost I needed to get right back on track. I don’t have abs, I still have pudge and fat and I’m still soft around the middle, but hot damn. 161.7. I’m GOING to be in the 150s to bring in the new year, and I couldn’t be more proud or excited.

I couldn’t do it without the support of everyone, seriously. Every comment, like, follow, reply, favorite, tweet, retweet, hug, high five, ‘Congratulations,’ ‘You look great,’ ‘You’re an inspiration,’ – every single way you all support me is incredible. Mom and Dad, Amanda and Ron, Callah, James, Laura, Sara Jane, Delaney, Jaslyne, Diane, Taylor… And SO MANY MORE! I just simply couldn’t do it without you all. You’re my strength!!

I was literally so excited by the scale that I typed this on my iPhone sitting Indian style on the edge of my bed in pajamas. I have a hair appointment in 45 minutes so I have to go get ready…. I’ll write again before Christmas!



5 thoughts on “I’m in love.

  1. Diane says:

    I remember when I saw that picture the other morning I was just SO happy for you. You’re absolutely glowing nowadays and I’m so happy to have you in my life! You are kicking ass and it just motivates me more and more every day. You are doing the damn thing!

  2. Jaslyne says:

    You’re the sweetest. I’m so glad I found your twitter and that we have our random text sessions about our goals and such. Here’s to you, you sexy beast you 🙂

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