I don’t know what happened, I TOOK pictures while I was making it last night, I don’t know where they are =[ Sooooo all you get is a finished product picture haha.

kale salad


Okay so here’s what you need.


-One bushel of kale

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I don’t know if it HAS to be EVOO, but that’s what I used.)

-Lemon juice

-Romano cheese (I grated mine from a block)


-Sunflower seeds OR it’s also really good with pumpkin seeds!


So. This is going to really annoy you, because I have zero ACTUAL measurements to give you. The advantage I had when my mom gave me this no-measurement recipe was that I know what it tastes like. BUT I’m going to do the best I can, and I’m sure however you make it- it’s going to be stellar.


Wash and dry your kale. Not in the washer and dryer, that would be nuts. But rinse and pat dry with a paper towel. Next thing we do is cut the backbone out of the kale so all we have left is leafy! MamaTheGirl and I fold the kale in half and slice that backbone right out.

Next up is the cutting of the kale. We cut it up into the smallest pieces possible. If I had to try to put a size on it, I’d say like half of a bite-size. Yeah? That’ll do lol. Once all your kale is chopped up and in the bowl, drizzle some olive oil into it. Again, I don’t have a proper measurement, but MamaTheGirl says for her, it always turns out to be a little more than she thinks. I’d say start off with 3 tablespoons, and see how that goes. Same goes for the lemon juice. Use your best judgement. You don’t want the kale to be sopping wet, or for there to be puddles of liquid at the bottom of the bowl, but you want it to be wet and shiny. Work it all in with your hands. And if you’ve just gotten your cuticles annihilated by an evil manicurist like I did, I suggest gloves… Which I didn’t think of until AFTER I made the salad. Ouch.

Sprinkle as many currants and seeds as you’d like. I really like currants and sunflower seeds so I probably lean on the heavy side haha. After that is the cheese! I don’t remember what kind of cheese the original recipe called for, maybe MamaTheGirl will write it down in the comments (wink wink!). But we’ve been using Romano. We grate it up ourselves, sprinkle it on, mix it all up… DONE!


It’s that easy, and it’s SO DAMN GOOD!



One thought on “KALE SALAD

  1. MamaTheGirl says:

    The other cheese is Manchego but freshly grated Romano is what I usually use. Also, grate the cheese on the coarsest blade. You want good size pieces for this salad. Enjoy!

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