Just a few things.

Okay so what’s first.

Kim Kardashian. I saw a tweet last night talking shit about the fact that Kim Kardashian is pregnant. Something about how she shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce, I don’t remember exactly how it was worded. I saw something else- someone making a crack about how they hope she knows she can’t just call off a pregnancy after 72 hours, poking fun at her failed marriage to Kris Humphries.

It’s just sick. I’m so sick and tired of people hating and judging these people for the way they live their lives- when they’re not doing anything wrong! They’re not hurting anyone, so who gives a rat’s ass what they do? Kim co-owns a fashion boutique chain with her sisters, is a designer, a model, TV personality… So she’s no doctor, she’s not a saint, but she’s not a terrible person. She’s a business woman, and I’m just so sick of everyone running their mouths like she’s an embarrassment to society when she’s done nothing wrong. So her marriage failed. Newsflash, like 50% of ALL marriages fail. Hers just happened to be public because of who she is and who Kris Humphries is. So can someone tell me why she shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce? Is she a known child-abuser? Does she have 14 other children? Is she scamming the the government, living off of welfare? Does she have a drug problem? So she’s getting a divorce, has millions of dollars, and is on TV. These things make her a terrible mother ALREADY? Kanye West is not my favorite person, but it’s not like even he has a bunch of kids running around. In fact, I don’t think he has ANY. Which is pretty rare for those guys.

I just DON’T see what the big fuss is. It’s really aggravating to me to watch all these regular people running around being pissed off about two famous people having a baby together when it has nothing to do with anything. It’s not like this baby is going to be brought into the world being poor, hungry, and unloved. I wish everyone would just shut the hell up and mind their own business. It’s SO annoying.


Another thing I wanted to address are the Planet Fitness haters. Okay so, Planet Fitness’s thing is about being the ‘No Judgement Zone.’ They have this ‘Lunk Alarm,’ which goes off if people drop weights. Where’s the big deal, I ask? Someone called them hypocrites because they advertise as being no judgement, but they discourage the douche-baggy body-builder persona. This is not a bodybuilder’s gym you guys. I’ve never seen a single body-builder there- I’m assuming those types go to Gold’s, One Life, LA Fitness, whatever the other gyms are. From what I understand, Planet Fitness doesn’t even have all of the equipment that serious body-builders use in their workouts. As someone who used to be fat- I’m talking obese you guys- gyms are scary places. They’re intimidating, the people in them are intimidating, and walking around an intensely industrious looking gym crawling with monsters in non-existent tee-shirts grunting and screaming while trying to lift weights is extremely off-putting. I don’t think there’s a single problem with there being a gym that caters to the less-serious gym crowd. I’m not saying I’m not a serious gym-goer, I definitely am. I’m just saying I have different fitness goals than that giant dude screaming in the corner of those other gyms. He wants to be a body-builder, I just want to lose weight and tone up. Planet Fitness is ideal for the people who are new to this life- it’s a place we can be comfortable in learning how to use a gym. If you’re one of those people who’s going to bitch about Planet Fitness discouraging the ‘lunk’-ness, THEN DON’T JOIN!! It’s that easy.

The other piece of the Planet Fitness haters was the part about how Planet Fitness gives out pizza once a month. In the beginning, I had a hard time with this too. How were they justifying giving us pizza when we’re all there to try and be healthier? But there’s logic behind it. The theory is that if you work out regularly and you eat well for the majority of the month, then you deserve a frigging piece of pizza once a month. And this goes back to my- everyone has different goals- point. If you’re a body builder, and you need to moan and grunt while you lift, and you need to follow a strict competition clean diet, then fine. Don’t go to Planet Fitness. But then there’s me. I have enough self-control to say NO to the pizza if I don’t want it, but I’m NOT training for a competition. I eat clean 90% of the time, and if I want a piece of pizza after I work out ONE day of the month, then fuck it- I’m going to eat that piece of pizza.

I’ve lost 57 lbs without grunting once, and while having a piece of pizza one night a month. So I get a little offended when people rag on my gym for the way they do things. YOU don’t like it, then go somewhere else. YOUR attitude is what we don’t want in our gym. The GYM doesn’t make your body, YOU DO. If you can’t get the body you want at Planet Fitness, that’s not Planet Fitness’ fault- it’s yours.


THAT BEING SAID. Off to Planet Fitness I go!


8 thoughts on “Just a few things.

  1. Diane says:

    DAMN STRAIGHT. I  planet fitness. And I plan on getting to my goal weight there and lifting weights without grunting in the process.

  2. Jill says:

    1. Congrats on your success! You look amazing! 2. I love this!! I worked at a planet fitness for 4 years during college and will always have a place in my heart for it! People talk badly about it, but to be honest…we had plenty of serious body builders (several who were training for competitions) who used our gym. As long as they didn’t grunt or slam down weights they were just as welcome as the next average joe. Many of them used our gym because they weren’t a fan of the other type of gym either. When I moved away from the PF I worked at I joined a new gym and I was really unhappy with it. I was no longer comfortable in the free weight section and constantly felt like I was being stared at or personal trainers were always trying to sell their business to me. Now I drive an extra 20 mins everyday to go to a PF because I feel at home there. Plus they have an amazing business going….who can beat $10/month? It has everything I need at the right price and in a comfortable welcoming environment!

    • kylethegirl says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! And I agree 100%. I just don’t see the point in ragging on ANY gym, or on anyone for choosing to go to a specific gym. When it comes down to it, we’re all just trying to accomplish something, who’s to judge us for the place we choose to do so!!! Preach it girl lol

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