You guys have heard me talk about my Mama before. I’m KyleTheGirl, it only made sense for me to dub her MamaTheGirl! She’s the best lady I know- fact.

Well, everyone has been leaving such incredibly supportive and encouraging comments, but I wanted you all to see what she commented on my last post about losing 60 lbs.


That’s my girl! Funny thing is, I KNOW you, I SEE you every day, I’ve WATCHED this amazing transformation, and I’m still flabbergasted when I see it put together like this. What I don’t think people realize is that even though you change, you don’t change. All of the wonderful things you were before (funny, really funny, smart, likeable, smart-ass, beautiful, an awesome writer, sweet, caring, ETC!), you still are those things. You didn’t lose anything but the weight and a “whatever” attitude. But what you ADDED to your life? You will never lose the knowledge that you can do ANY DAMN THING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO! Have I said this already?
You rock, Ky! Love you,


Isn’t she just the best? I wish everyone had a support system like mine! I love you Mama!


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