This is my mama y’all!

You’re probably here because you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook, and in those cases, you’ve seen me plug this video a couple times already. I’m not trying to annoy the crap out of anyone, but this is really important to me and my family, and I’m going to KEEP plugging it for a few more days!!

My parents just started their own business, Wise Training & Consulting, LLC, and they’ve got some amazing ideas and are off to an amazing start. My mom is trying to win a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s 8 week online business school, in hopes of learning new ways to help propel their business even further. It’s a 90 second video, just take a minute and a half out of your day and check it out.

My parents are passionate about their vision, and therefore I am passionate about it as well. Check it out, ‘like’ it if you like it, share it if you think it could benefit someone you know, etc.

When you’re done with that, if you’re feeling super into it, my Facebook Fan Page, Fluff to Buff, ( is doing a giveaway for anyone who’s watched my mom’s video!

Once you’ve watched the video, e-mail me at and tell me 1. Your first and last name, 2. what kind of boat my dad has (in the video!!) and 3. what made you decide you needed to make a lifestyle change and what you’re doing to accomplish that! I’m LOVING reading your stories!! 200 words or less, and all entries must be in by 12:00pm EST, this Friday! ♥ ♥ ♥

I love you all, you inspire me each and every day.


What do YOU think??

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