Thirteen weeks! Supplements and meal prep!

Okay so today was Easter. First of all, don’t even ask me how much candy I ate, because I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to talk about it, and it would require that I had an actual idea of how much candy was actually consumed. It wasn’t like Wonka’s factory kind of bad, or even  ‘an 8 year old hoarding his Halloween candy’ kind of bad… But it was most definitely bad for someone who’s trying to compete in bikini in 13 weeks. That’s a fact. Yikes.

My home gym was closed today, so I went back to Planet Fitness for the first time in a long time… I got 70 minutes of cardio in, and a few minutes of ab work before I left. I went to the supplement store next and did what I should have done weeks ago. My coach gave me a list of supplements, but they’re just so damn expensive that I’ve been avoiding it. At posing practice on Saturday I had my measurements taken, and while I’ve lost a handful of inches (three from my waist alone) since January, I haven’t lost any weight and I’m just not progressing along as quickly as I’d like. (I know- maybe if I’d stop eating CANDY on HOLIDAYS… Whatever, shh.) SO. I’ve decided that now that it’s officially the second phase of my preparation- I need to give it 100%. I have to do everything I’m told to a T. I dropped a good chunk of money on the supplements that I was told to get, and I’m looking forward to sticking to everything a million percent from now on.

So here’s what I currently have in the way (whey, haha) of supplements. Now- here’s the catch y’all. I’ll tell you what I have- but if you want more information about these supplements- when you’re supposed to take them, why you take them, what they do for you, how much you’re supposed to take… I implore that you do a little bit of research about them. I’m not saying this to be rude- really. The only thing in this whole group of supplements I’ve taken before are my standard whey and C4, so I literally know NOTHING! I don’t know if I like them, I don’t know how they make me feel- that’s just the way it is!!


So there’s my whey and my c4, my trusty, trusty Cellucor. Loves it. Today I picked up some pre and post work out materials… Glutamine powder, BCAAs, and Creablast Pro… Also picked up Slim CLA, and an assortment of vitamins. Fish oil, Vitamin C, and a multi-vitamin… LOTSA STUFF. But it’s time to but on my game-face y’all. When you’re looking into supplements, research based on your goals. This is not necessarily the right group of supplements for everyone, just what I was told to take! So- just always do your research.

Then I went to the grocery store, picked up the things I needed for this week’s meal prep, went home and spent the next FOUR HOURS (I know right) getting everything put together. I did things a little differently today than I normally do, and I think I liked the way it turned out so I just thought I’d share.

First off, everyone always wants to know what it is I’m eating every day! Well my diet was just adjusted, here’s what I have packed for tomorrow.

high cal


Up at the top we have my steel cut oats, and hardboiled eggs and egg whites… next up? Chicken and sweet potatoes… Instead of making a ton of chicken breasts and trying to slice them all to portion size, I cut the chicken up into little pieces and cooked them in a frying pan with a little pam. Threw some Ms Dash seasonings in there, and that was it for as far as the chicken goes. The sweet potatoes were amazing- I’ve never had them before so I was a little nervous. I washed and peeled them, a roasted them at 425 for 25 minutes after spritzing them with 0 calorie butter flavored Pam, and sprinkled with a little salt and pepper and cinnamon. A-MAZING YOU GUYS. Life changing.

After that- chicken and brown rice- didn’t do anything with the rice. It’s plain- yum! Then chicken and salad and a banana, and dinner is chicken and broccoli. A protein shake before bed to round out the day, and that’s it! Looks like a ton right? Loving it.

So instead of portioning everything out for all week long (I just don’t have that much tupperware haha.) I decided to make big batches of everything I’m going to eat and then each night I’ll just take out what I need for the next day.

meals 1


So there we’ve got a ton of chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, broccoli, oatmeal, egg whites…. Fan freaking tastic. Took quite a while and I am just exhausted- but you know what they say! Fail to plan, plan to fail!!


Ready to get some sleep- tomorrow’s my day off cardio so I’m going to sleep in a little bit- and it’s going to be a 100% day. It’s time to get reeeeaaaaaaaalllllllll…




20 thoughts on “Thirteen weeks! Supplements and meal prep!

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love reading your journey. I was in our suppliment store here in my hometown and I had asked the guys about taking C4. They advised me it has a water retainer in it. They said men like to take it more then women because it makes them look bigger. Just an FYI. I have been taking GNC BeHot and they work really well. You feel the sweat and it takes you through your workout no problem. Keep up the great work!

  2. Amber says:

    Amazing! Ive been following your instagram for a while… Just wanted to say what so many have… You are such a motivation! I need to get better about my eating habits and running, so Im so glad I found your site!

  3. Jess says:

    Thanks for sharing all this. Just wondering if you find it all good to keep chicken in the fridge for a week or if you freeze any of
    It for the days later in the week? Im kinda paranoid with chicken. Good luck for your second phase of prep.

    • kylethegirl says:

      Depends how much I have. This is only like three days worth so I’m just keeping it in the fridge. Once it’s cooked, you don’t have to worry about it going bad as quickly as it would if it were raw. If it was going to be like 5 days or more I’d freeze it.

  4. Patricia Perez says:

    Thank you for posting this up!! Just reading your posts and blogs have helped me give myself an idea on how to take care of myself. But I have a question to ask, I can’t afford to go to the gym, but do you think it’s the same to work out at home (without any weights) and still get similar results as to to going to the gym??
    Thnxs!! 🙂

  5. Angela Nelson Leflett says:

    Good luck on your next phase of prep! I just started waking up at 5am this week to get use to working/waking up early. I got a workout in, but man this is going to take some adjusting, lol. Your a bad ass waking up so early to get in a good workout!

  6. Dawn Chandler says:

    I just saw your blog for the first time today on someone’s facebook. This is so inspirational. I look exactly like you do in your before pics. I am 191lbs and 5’8. I used to be a size 6 and weigh 145 just a few years ago but since I have had a baby I had began to accept I would always be this size. However my fiance and I just set our wedding date and I am determined to lose at least 40lbs. I have exactly 180 days to do it. Any suggestions on how to start? I have a gym membership at a great gym just 5 minutes from my house…I have went a few times in the past 2 weeks and I am ridiculously out of shape. Help!!

    • kylethegirl says:

      YUP. Get your butt to that gym! Five minutes away means you have exactly ZERO excuses. NADA. Think about it this way, if you can’t motivate yourself to lose the weight you want to lose and look the way you want to look for your WEDDING, for the most important day of your life, WHEN will you do it? There will never be a better reason than your wedding, never a better time than now. You do not want to get to that day and think that you could have done more… That you could have pushed harder.

      Physical pain is NOTHING. Cardio sucks, weights are heavy. It’s not supposed to be comfortable- in fact… Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

      First things first- QUIT accepting that you will always be this size. Push that thought out of your head right now. There will never be anyone who knows EXACTLY what you mean by that quite like I do, I’m certain of it. I saw fat people every day and just thought I was going to be one of them- and now I’m a size 6 and I STILL can’t believe pictures of myself. This can be you too.

      I don’t know what your eating habits are, but the soda and the fast food go. Immediately- no questions asked. Ditch the chips, start loving on some veggies and hummus- LE YUM. Trade white rice and pastas and white bread for WHOLE grains. Whole grain breads, whole grain pastas, brown rice… That’s if you even keep them around- or just ditch them altogether! I certainly am not going to tell you you need bread in your diet. I don’t remember the last time I had bread or pasta. Brown rice and quinoa are the shiz. Stick to chicken, white fish, lean beef, lean turkey… PORTION control. Just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean you can over eat! Allow yourself a small cheat once or twice a week- but PLAN them ahead of time. Your cheats should not be a spur of the moment type thing.

      GET. IN. THAT. GYM. Cardio. Whatever you can do- try starting with 30 minutes on the elliptical- every day. Confused about the weight machines? Ask a gym employee to give you the rundown on them so you can know you’re using them correctly, and then just start using them!! Watch other people… A pretty standard work out range is 3 or 4 sets of 10-12 reps. Go from machine to machine and set them on weights that are heavy enough to be hard, but light enough to not be impossible.

      give it your all every day- don’t be discouraged when the scale doesnt change immediately. Give it time. If you give 110% for a full month, I guarantee you’ll see changes you love, and you’ll be hooked.

      Congratulations on the wedding, and for wanting to change your life! Get to it!

      • Dawn Chandler says:

        Thanks so much! My gym bag is in the car ready to go when I leave work this afternoon. Your blog inspired me so much that I began my own today. Its more for me than anyone else. I think it will help hold me accountable. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us every week. You rock and you look fabulous!!!

  7. DayOldNews (@DayOldNews) says:

    I am struggling to figure out simple meals like this as a vegetarian. Everything I eat (mostly plants or beans) has carbs and most of my other protein options (nuts, cheese, avocado) have more fat than I need. It’s egg white city in my house. Happy to see you’ve figured it out better than I have! You are continually inspiring.

  8. laura says:

    you are an inspiration!!!!!
    i’m on a journey to lose weight and it’s been hard… i lost motivation a week ago but i’m determined to keep going… i wanted to ask you if you weight your food or how do you plan your meal… calories or weight? thank you!

  9. Chelsea says:

    How much steel cut oats do you eat? When I make bulk it’s hard to determine how much is equivalent to the 1/4 cup dry serving size…

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