My Handana review!



SO! About a month ago I was contacted by Handana, and asked if I would be interested in trying out their product, and doing a review. Uh, try out fittie gear? Heck yeah I’m interested! A few days later, this precious pink thing arrives in the mail. It’s like they know me.

The purpose of the Handana is essentially to give you a hands free way of keeping your sweat under control. I was immediately intrigued by this, because on my hour long stretches on the stair climber, I’m forever that girl who’s lifting her shirt to wipe away the sweat. I just never got into carrying a towel around with me, I don’t like having to carry things. What can I say, I’m lazy like that. I mean, I already have my phone, my headphones, my workout book, a pen, sometimes a water- like who even has another hand for a towel, seriously. 

It’s made of this super soft lycra material and I found it to be extremely comfortable on my hand. It slips right on your hand, thumb through the whole and you’re golden. I’ve worn it a HAND-ful of times, (haha I’m so punny) for my cardio workouts, and it’s been really effective. I forget it’s there, right up until I have sweat falling in my eyes, and then it’s just a quick swipe of the hand on the face and I can keep trudging along. And it’s not like it just moves the sweat, it seriously does soak it up, it’s much more effective than my lifting-the-shirt-method. 

I REALLY wish I’d gotten a chance to take a hot yoga class to see how it held up in there, but I wasn’t able to get to a class. I IMAGINE it would work well, it’s not intrusive at all, it’s not uncomfortable, like I said- it’s almost like it’s not even there.

I tried wearing it one day when I was lifting, but that didn’t work out well. I like to wear lifting gloves, and the Handana took away any grip I had, so it was a no-go for me for weight lifting, but a definite winner for cardio. 

It’s a breeze to clean, I just toss it in a lingerie bag with my delicates, wash it with my clothes and let it air-dry! Mine is a size SMALL, and it fits perfectly. They say that the medium fits most women, but I think that a medium would have been too big for me.

I would definitely recommend this product, I can already think of a few people in my life who might just have to be getting one for Christmas later this year! You can order your own Handana (comes in a VARIETY of colors) through I think you’ll love it!!


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