Getting up early for cardio SUCKS. Random food cravings and office temptations SUCK. Figuring out what to do at the gym SUCKS. But FIGHTING through all that SUCK is what builds character. AND MUSCLE. AND SHEDS FAT. AND MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER. AND MAKES YOU HAPPY AND CONFIDENT AND AWESOME AT LIFE.

Imagine you set your alarm to wake up really early in the morning to hit the gym.. The alarm goes off and you hit snooze, obviously. You’re laying there in bed, trying to squeeze in a few extra minutes of shut-eye and trying to justify skipping your cardio or the gym session you had planned. Then imagine you got a text message from a friend who was like, “YO. GET YOUR BUTT UP. CHAMPIONS ARE NOT MADE WHILE SLEEPING THROUGH GYM TIME. I’m going to the gym now, you’d best text me proof you’re at the gym within a half an hour.”

Wouldn’t that be fun?

And then imagine you’re at work, and someone brought in another damn dozen of doughnuts, and you’re close to caving. What if you had someone to text and be like ‘OMG I’m totally about to dive into this box of glazed goodness,’ and then this person texted you back and was like ‘UHHHH NO SIR OR MADAM. YOUR GOALS MEAN MORE TO YOU THAN THOSE DOUGHNUTS DO. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THOSE DOUGHNUTS. DON’T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.’

That would be neat.

Then imagine you’re heading to the gym after work and you wanna work legs but you have no clue what exercises to do. What if you had a friend you could text to be like, ‘Dude. I gotsta work on these stems but I cannot figure out what to do at the gym today,’ and then that friend texted you back and said ‘I GOT YOU BUDDY-‘ and then texted you her full leg workout?



What if that friend was me?



*A WEEK OF MEEE!!! Starting tomorrow morning, (Tuesday, October 1st) through next Monday evening, (October 7th). You get my phone number! I hate talking on the phone, and to be available to you all day- texting only!

I wake up at 5:30 on week days, and try to be in bed by 10 or 11pm. SO- depending on what you want or what you need, I will be at your accountability beck and call all day long. (Well, beck and text!) You want me to text you when I wake up to make sure that YOU’RE waking up? You got it. I have no problem whatsoever telling you to send me a picture message of you at the gym to make sure you’re doing what you said you would be!!

*WORKOUTS??!!! For the week that you have access to me- if you’d like, I’ll tell you what I’m doing at the gym every day- you can use this when you go to the gym, OR not- up to you. REMEMBER– I am NOT A TRAINER, I will not tell you what to do at the gym, but I can tell you what I’m doing, make suggestions, and give you my personal opinions based on experience.

*FOOD??!! For the week that you have me, I’ll tell ya what I’m eating all day if you want, but don’t be surprised when it’s the same thing 5 days in a row haha. I’M NOT THAT EXCITING. REMEMBER– I am NOT a nutritionist OR a dietician, I will not tell you what to eat, but can tell you what I’m eating, make suggestions, and give you my personal opinions based on experience.

(Are you noticing a trend yet? lol)

*QUESTIONNSSSSSSS??!! I’m an open book. Seriously- ask me anything! I’m yours for the week.

*TOUGH LOVE??!! I am ALL about tough love. If you enter- You’re telling me that you’re okay with tough love. I may say things like ‘Suck it up’ or ‘PUT THE DOUGHNUT DOWN DAMMIT’ or things to that effect. I will not be mean, as I am not a mean person. But I will tell it like it is!!

What do you think? I think this can be beneficial to you AND me. This will not only force YOU to make good decisions, and to keep your word to yourself, but this will also force ME to keep MY word.

IT’S ONLY 7 DAYS. I dieted for 25 weeks to prep for my competition, you can set some goals for yourself and follow through for seven days! GIVE ME ONE WEEK. ONE WEEK of tough love, free advice and support, and just see what happens. Who knows, one perfect week might be just what you need to get through a plateau, get out of a slump or to start your journey off right.



1. Go to www.cellucor.com and purchase ANYTHING. Seriously. I don’t care, I’m in LOVE with all the products, they’re amazeballs. (at the end of this post I will post a link to a note I wrote specifically about the majority of  my favorite Cellucor products.)

2. Use my promo code ‘KYLETHEGIRL’ at checkout, this code gets you 20% off and free shipping within the United States.

3. Take a screenshot of your confirmation email that shows that you used my code, and email it to me at kylethegirl.blog@gmail.com

4. DO THIS BY 9pm EASTERN STANDARD TIME, TODAY (September 30th, 2013.) I KNOW this is last minute and that means 6pm for those of you over on the west coast, but I want to be able to start with the winner tomorrow morning!!!

THAT’S IT. Shop. Purchase. Screenshot. Email. By 9pm EST. Seriously, I will not even open entries that are sent in after the cut off time lol.

SO GO SHOPPING! Remember, entries in by 9pm EST, I will email the winner by 9:30pm TONIGHT with my phone number, and at that point the winner can text me and we can set up our first day 🙂




(the link below is where I wrote about the supplements I’ve been using lately. THE CONTEST IN THAT POST IS NO LONGER GOING ON.)




What do YOU think??

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