the mother of all meal prep posts

I don’t ever know what to say when people ask me how much money I spend a week on food… I don’t always buy the same things, I don’t always need the things I may have needed the week before, I don’t always shop at the same store… There’s just no way I can give a concrete answer to that! I’d say PER week, depending on what I need or what I want, $50-$75.

Yesterday I went to the local Farm Fresh:

The sour cream and the Tostitos are for my dad, since I bought soooo many avocados I figured I’d make him some guacamole.

SO. I DIDN’T buy tilapia because I already had some, and I DIDN’T buy oatmeal because I already had that too.
I don’t EVEN know where to start with all of this -__- .

I cooked the chicken and the turkey all at the same time. I put the 2lbs of turkey in one frying pan and sprinkled Mrs. Dash Table Blend on it and cooked it until it was done.
cooking turkey

I cut all the chicken up into chunks, and cooked it in a frying pan on the stove as well, I put onion salt, garlic powder, paprika and Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper on it. I always get asked how I keep my chicken from drying out, and I have no idea what to say. There isn’t a trick I don’t think, I just don’t over cook it! NO that does not mean UNDERcook it. Just COOK it.
cooking chicken

After the oven was preheated to 425 F, I poked holes in the sweet potatoes with a fork and stuck them in the oven for an initial 45 minutes. After checking them when the time was up, I think I ended up cooking them for 10-20 minutes more than that, I like them soft. When they’re cooked and soft, they come out of the skin really easily, so I take them out of the skin and just portion them out for where I want them in my daily meals. I didn’t season them with anything this week, they’re just so good just the way they are. I’ve been known to sprinkle them with salt and pepper, or truvia and cinnamon, but nothing this week.
sweet potatoes

THEN, I boiled 39 eggs. Yes. 39. 20 for me for the week (4 a day), and since I was already doing it, I boiled some for my parents as well. WHAT A SWEETHEART RIGHT. I put all the eggs in a big pot, and then I put just enough water in the pot to cover all the eggs. I sprinkle some salt into the water, (lowers the boiling point of the water, making it heat up faster. WHATS UP TENTH GRADE CHEMISTRY.) cover the pot, and put in on the stove on HIGH. When it starts boiling, (BOILING boiling, big bubbles) I start a timer for TWELVE minutes and remove the lid. I don’t know why 12, that’s just what MamaTheGirl taught me and it works every time. Once the timer goes, I usually take my time getting to it, I tend to think that I’d like to just make sure they’re nice and boiled haha so mine probably end up going for thirteen minutes or so. I take the pot off the stove and put it in the sink, and turn the COLD water on. I let the water run (and spill over into the sink) so that all the hot water is eventually replaced with cold water. I let them sit like this until the water warms up and do it again, fill it with cold water. After they sit in the cold water for a few minutes, I peel them. I boiled 39 eggs last night, and EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM peeled LIKE A DREAM. Not a single problem.

I ALLLLLLLSOOOOO made brussel sprouts! I bought I think about a lb of sprouts, and cut them all in halves. I drizzled a little olive oil in a frying pan with some salt and pepper and sautéed the sprouts until they were tender and browning slightly.
cooking sprouts

SO! I don’t usually give details about my ‘meal plans,’ not when I’ve purchased them from people at least. But right now I’m just working off of what I’ve learned from other people, what works for me and what I like and want. So I don’t really mind sharing- since I didn’t pay for it! ‘NAWWHATIMEAN? Uh, disclaimer, I’m STILL not telling you what to eat lol. THIS IS JUST WHAT I’M EATING THIS WEEK.

BREAKFAST. I’m not doing morning cardio right now, just a little after my lifting in the afternoons, so I’m eating breakfast around 7am before I leave the house for work.
-1/2cup Quick 1 Minute oats with truvia (maybe some Walden Farms syrup if I feel CRAAAZYY)
-1 hard boiled egg, 3 hard boiled egg whites (Unused yolks go down the disposal with the shells)
-Cellucor SuperHD (Fatburner, energy, metabolism booster, appetite suppressant. DELICIOUS.)

MID MORNING SNACK. Around 10am, at my desk!
-3-4oz. chicken (I honestly don’t remember what I portioned out last night haha but it’s not a ton.)
-3oz. sweet potatoes
(what’s up phone charger. Side note, my phone is CONSTANTLY charging. I hang out with y’all so much, my phone is usually down to like 40% battery by 10am haha.

LUNCH. Between 12 and 1pm, depending on how work is going.
-5oz. ground turkey
-3-4oz. sweet potatoes
-3oz BRUSSEL SPROUTS! (I’m seriously so excited for these this week.)

PRE WORKOUT SNACK. I’ll eat this at work around 3:30.
-this week will be 4oz cottage cheese. They only sell these little single serving packages in FOURS which is STUPID because there are FIVE days in a work week, my sister said it’s a ploy to get you to buy two sets. I’M NOT FALLING FOR IT! I had a little cottage cheese already, so I just measured out 4oz into a container for the fifth day. TAKE THAT COTTAGE CHEESE PEOPLE!
cottage cheese


-1 Scoop Cellucor Whey Protein with 6oz water

DINNER. Like 8pm. I don’t pre-prepare dinner since I eat it once I’m home for the night.
-6-7oz Tilapia (I bake this in the oven at 425 F for 12-13 minutes, seasoned with whatever I feel like putting on it that night!
-Avocado (I won’t lie. I eat the whole thing. WHAT? I don’t want to waste it!)
-Either green beans or asparagus!!
-Cellucor BCAAs (SO good in lemon lime omg)

I SHOULD have another protein shake before bed, but I’ve been really bad with that lately. I’m also back to drinking about gallon of water a day. I drink 12oz of water with my SuperHD in the am, 12oz of water with my C4 before my workout, and about 10 with my BCAAs in the evening, so as long as I drink like 3.5 – 4 24oz bottles while I’m at work, I’m sure to get all my water in!

My meal prep for the week took me about 2 hours last night, which might seem like a long time, but that’s a week worth of meals I don’t have to think about or spend time on during the day. I’ve been prepping meals for a long time now so I’m used to it and I have systems down and I know how I like things so it goes pretty quickly. It might take you a while the first time but it’s so worth it. I think that was about as involved and comprehensive as I could possibly get with the meal prep post, I hope I was able to answer any questions you might have had!


12 thoughts on “the mother of all meal prep posts

  1. Desiree Roush says:

    Kylethegirl!!!! I think it’s awesome how much time you take to try and help other people succeed with their goals such as your own! I def would not have the patience you do with it, especially with all the nonsense questions like what you do with the yolks!? ROFL! Leaves me a little speechless! Well anyways, your amazing and a great inspiration. I know your probably tired of questions and everything else, but if you ever have just a small moment I would love to ask you some questions about the cellucor products! Or even if you can tell me where to find all the info I would need for my goals!? I wasn’t able to find much on the cellucor website. Thank you! 🙂

  2. goaskalice5 says:

    hahahaha take THAT cottage cheese people!!! Love it! Good yob tellin peeps how you prep. It’s not so hard once you do it every week. Plus it’s not like you’re standing in the kitchen the ENTIRE time either. People need to learn how to multitask haha

  3. Angie says:

    Thank you so much for this! What great ideas. I have recently discovered sweet potatoes and have to say they are my new addiction. And brussel sprouts!!!!–thank you for the reminder. I love them and will be adding them to my meal plans as well. I do not think that 2 hours is a long time, considering how many meals that time actually made.

    Again, thank you for this and all the wisdom that you share. You truly are an inspiration!

  4. ashley says:

    Do you drink coffee?
    I also noticed u eat a little before lunch, 10am, is that to keep your metabolism going? Im very interested in whey and powder protein but i dont know much about it. When you first started to lose the weight did u use suppliments like these?

    • kylethegirl says:

      I’m not AGAINST coffee, but I don’t drink it often. Coffee isn’t bad, it’s the creamer and the sugar that get ya.

      I didn’t get into whey really until I started prepping for my bikini competition but only because I didn’t know about it. The internet is chock full of info though, just do a little research!

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